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A dozen Tory MPs voted against slashing VAT on energy bills, despite promising to do so if Brexit went ahead.
Boris Johnson has refused to cut VAT on fuel bills amid a huge rise in the cost of energy, despite promising ahead of the EU referendum that Brexit would allow him to do so.
As Johnson and Gove back off their pledge to scrap VAT for fuel, EU structural funds are not being fully replaced.
"The first rule of Brexit Club is you don't talk about all those "benefits" you mentioned 5 years ago..."
Kidswear independents across the UK have expressed concerns that “nightmare” post-Brexit import VAT is still being incorrectly charged on some children’s clothing and footwear that should have been zero rated, causing “hell on earth” for many businesses.
Despite not seeming keen to cut VAT as per the Leave campaign promise, he took the opportunity to say this week that leaving the EU means the UK can now set its own VAT rates.
To mark the first anniversary of the trade deal between the UK and the EU, Downing Street issued a press release about how prime minister Boris Johnson plans to "maximise the benefits of Brexit".
The Prime Minister claimed in 2016 that 'when we Vote Leave, we will be able to scrap this unfair and damaging tax' - but since taking power he's done nothing about it.
A Sheffield supplements firm has spent £500,000 on a new base in the Netherlands to ensure it remains profitable ‘despite the challenges of Brexit’.
People looking to send gifts abroad this Christmas have alarmingly little understanding of how to navigate the customs rules and charges introduced when the UK left the European Union, new Which? research can reveal.
An increase in red tape and charges means headaches for those sending gifts to Europe.
HMRC recommends people look at seven key areas to determine whether there will be charges on their goods.
Finally – a Visa-free aspect to Brexit. At least that’s what the deluded Dominic Raab is likely to tell you...
Post-Brexit border controls and customs requirements have “gutted” SME businesses – and have left some industries fearing a UK talent drain.
For 2021, national tourist board Visit Britain has forecast that visitor numbers will be lower even than in 2020, when travel restrictions were at their highest.
In some cases VAT and customs duties may be payable on items as of this year but this should not apply to small gifts.
The government and its supporters are beginning to claim 'benefits' of being outside the European Union some of which were always available to EU member states or, in other cases, are not benefits at all.
Nike has suspended its Reuse-a-Shoe recycling scheme in the UK as the recycling industry grapples with high costs related to Brexit.
WITH just 100 days to go until Christmas, HMRC is urging shoppers to ensure they don’t get caught out by unexpected charges when buying from overseas traders.
Which? said shoppers buying from the EU could face additional fees of up to £300 this Christmas.
Non-binding opinion says UK allowed criminal gangs to flood Europe with cheap Chinese-made clothes.
Freight company director blames new requirement for EU transport firms to provide VAT and tariff guarantees.
An exclusive poll for i shows that firms feel the Government had not done enough to support them through Brexit.
A business owner left ‘horrified’ after seeing the cost of a single consignment of goods imported from the Netherlands rise by 37 per cent post-Brexit believes the Government needs to step in and address the issue.
Research by the UK Fashion and Textile Association has revealed the true extent of disruption and additional costs British fashion companies have faced since prime minister Boris Johnson's Brexit trade deal was implemented on 1 January 2021.