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Unite's national officer for steel said the government needed to explain why the EU had a deal but the UK did not.
UK steel companies have been operating at a significant disadvantage compared to their European rivals since the beginning of 2022.
Industry chiefs and experts tell i the introduction of customs controls could also affect small businesses, some of which could be forced to pay tariffs.
Dan Hannan has a problem with the truth. The arch-Brexiter – who is back in the news with his book, What Next: How to get the best from Brexit – keeps getting his facts wrong on his pet topic. Here are nine errors and disingenuous remarks the Tory MEP has made in recent months.
Post-Brexit free trade deal will cause a ‘reallocation of resources within the economy’ including a £225m hit to semi-processed food, the Government’s own impact assessment says.
Truckers claim they are not to blame for “any pending disaster” at UK borders as the grace period for customs declarations comes to an end with the year.
Fears for farmers and anger over dropping of pledge to bind Australia to crucial climate temperature limit.
‘I want to awaken you to an opportunity’, Penny Mordaunt tells US audience – after Joe Biden slammed the brakes on talks.
There are mounting concerns over the lack of preparedness of businesses as the end of the final phase of the UK’s departure from the EU nears.
Arch Brexiteer Daniel Hannan tried to tweet about EU tariffs on wine, but ended up proving we probably do need experts after all.
Wrong to ‘conflate’ issues, Boris Johnson’s spokesman insists – after US official said talks were on hold because of Article 16 fears.
The United States will delay its deal to remove tariffs on UK steel and aluminum because of concerns about post-Brexit trade rules affecting Northern Ireland, the Financial Times reported on Wednesday.
Business chiefs and economists say huge disruption lies ahead if Downing Street triggers Article 16.
One in eight traders have lost business – while a quarter of small firms consider moving operations out of Britain, Dispatches reports.
Up to £9.5bn-worth of UK exports to the EU between January and July have had tariffs placed on them despite “tariff-free” trade deal, analysis for Channel 4’s Dispatches shows.
“It wasn’t until October 2020 that he finally understood even vaguely what leaving the customs union meant.”
The UK's trade deal with New Zealand has been heavily criticised by Stormont's agriculture minister.
'Hang on we were told the UK was first in line for a trade deal,' wrote one Twitter user.
This is how New Zealand TV is reporting the Brexit trade deal with the UK / They visibly can't believe their luck that British farming has been made the "sacrificial lamb" for a deal hugely beneficial to NZ with "negligeable benefits for UK farmers who get nothing in return"
Lord Debden says agreement ‘completely at odds with everything the government has promised’.
New Zealand meat exporters are losing patience over their inability to get product into Northern Ireland after Brexit.
Freight company director blames new requirement for EU transport firms to provide VAT and tariff guarantees.
They produce half the country’s sugar needs, but expect new trade deals to make their tough situation worse.
The SNP claimed a "triple whammy" of Brexit, the pandemic and US tariffs had hit Scotland's most valuable export hard.