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It comes as figures from the NHS show there are 10,582 FTE medical vacancies across England alone. / More than 4,000 European doctors have opted not to work in the NHS following the Brexit vote in 2016, research has revealed.
Brexit has worsened doctor shortages in the UK, according to a study published on Sunday.
More than 4,000 European doctors have opted not to work in the NHS following the Brexit vote in 2016, research has revealed.
Charlie Cornish says departure from EU has harmed UK aviation sector’s ability to recruit workers.
Fishing leaders from the north-east coast to Orkney and the Western Isles have joined calls to plead with the UK Government for a re-think of Brexit immigration rules.
Post-Brexit rules should be relaxed to allow English clubs to bring in more top-quality youngsters from Europe, Chelsea academy chief Neil Bath says.
"Around half of the fiscal hole, and the political instability that comes with that, is down to Brexit," John Springford of the Centre for European Reform.
A NORTH-east MSP has claimed businesses and households in the region are suffering due to the effects of Brexit.
Britons facing ‘austerity’ budget as a direct result of decision to leave Europe, former Bank of England adviser says
"If people are stupid enough to leave the European Union... our situation is worse in every area because we've left."
Apparently this Brexit is not the one Leave voters wanted, and is certainly not what Remainers wanted, but it’s the one we’re all having to live with.
High-profile Brexit backer Lord Simon Wolfson has renewed calls for the Government to let in more foreign workers to alleviate labour shortages that have plagued Scottish firms and the wider UK business community.
Lord Simon Wolfson, who was a prominent Brexit supporter, has suggested firms could pay a tax to employ foreign staff.
A Brexit backer has moaned about Brexit and noone is sympathetic at all. / Next chief executive officer Lord Simon Wolfson told the BBC today the government should let more foreign workers into the UK to ease labour shortages.
THE boss of retailer Next is urging the government to let more foreign workers into the UK to ease labour shortages reports the BBC.
Costs of inputs like fertiliser and animal feed have jumped by 30 per cent compounding Brexit labour shortages.
"It's not us putting the prices up, it's Brexit." / Rosa shared some staggering statistics. Between the referendum result in 2016 and May 2018, 1900 florists shut up shop. Between May to October 2018 more floristry businesses closed.
British firms are yet to see any upside from Brexit, according to one of the UK’s top executives, who urged Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to improve the trade agreement with the European Union to boost growth.
A Scottish border village is set to lose its GP surgery branch, citing staffing reasons for the planned closure. / “So, we are, for example, struggling to recruit in social care and nursing to a significant extent because of the fall in the size of the working age population because of Brexit and the loss of free movement of people."
“Brexit, for our industry, there’s not a single positive about it” / @ChefTomKerridge describes the huge staffing shortage in the hospitality industry, telling @Peston that there are many hospitality businesses closing 2-3 days a week due to a lack of workers.
"Overseas workers visas is something we need to be looking at. There's over 200,000 vacancies within hospitality up and down the country."
NICOLA Sturgeon was completely unimpressed as a Tory MSP suggested Brexit has nothing to do with the Scottish Parliament during FMQs.
John Swinney has blamed Brexit for causing a recruitment crisis in Scotland which he claims is impacting every sector of the economy.
Jason Atherton says he will have to mothball or fully close restaurants due to Conservative policy on EU employment after Brexit.
Ribble Valley Borough Council’s Personnel Committee heard how the authority will be impacted by new Brexit policy