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Swathes of the UK economy including health, warehousing and packing are being propped up by migrant workers – casting doubt on the prudence of the Conservative Party’s promise to tighten immigration policy.
THE Bailiwick is increasingly looking to Kenya to fill critical gaps in the job market.
The political decision to leave the European Union has had the unintended consequence that the UK may not be able to access funding from Horizon Europe, the EU’s highly regarded principal funding programme for research and innovation, and the involvement of UK-based researchers in European research consortia has already been damaged by this.
She points to Brexit as part of the problem – leaving the European Union has introduced numerous complications, particularly around customs charges. In the UK, farmers saw an exodus of Eastern European workers... / “I could go on a whole political rant about the fallout of Brexit and [how] that relates to food, music, gigs, all kinds of things,” she says, her brow knitted.
Rotating Audi Group staff takes as much effort as hiring someone for three to five years, complains CFO.
Three years after Brexit, we asked designers, design entrepreneurs and representatives of British design organisations how the withdrawal from the European Union has affected the design industry.
The government is expected to relax the rules in a bid to plug gaps in the construction industry
"We have stopped being able to offer any weddings of any substantial size because of Brexit," Carnarvon said. "There are no staff."
The reason is the dearth of workers from the European Union, which has forced owner Fiona Carnarvon to mothball the castle's main business of hosting larger weddings on the site of the Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning show.
Farming and Fishing are the two UK sectors most impacted by Brexit. Experts discuss what needs to be done to recover from Brexit and thrive in the future.
The government could be about to make a major Brexit U-turn following advice that special immigration status could hold the key to plugging significant labour shortages across the construction industry.
Builders expected to be added to ‘shortage occupation list’ to allow EU labourers to return.
Critics described the government’s approach to immigration as “baffling” and blamed the shortages on Brexit.
Businesses in Oban are struggling to find staff, causing a growing concern as the summer season approaches.
Some of the UK's biggest supermarkets are limiting sales of tomatoes and other salad items.
Many industry experts have also pointed at Brexit – claiming the UK’s current position has left it vulnerable as trade links have become less secure than they once were. / Thanks to new post-Brexit administrative checks, the farming industry has also seen seasonal labour shortages, leaving gaps in a workforce...
Three years after Brexit, Scotland’s fishing and seafood industries are still snarled in costly red tape, worker shortages and disappointing catch quotas, leaders warn.
Richard Parry had a farm in Therese Coffey’s constituency and slammed the Environment Secretary's tip for Brits to turn to turnips amid a fruit and veg shortage in supermarkets.
Associate professor of horticulture at University College Dublin in the Republic of Ireland, Owen Doyle, has said that the UK horticulture sector is facing the “Brexit bonuses” of low labour supply and high energy costs.
Mark Dayan assesses the impact of Brexit on the health service, looking at the effect on funding, the workforce and medicine supplies.
Hospitality, retail and farming leaders all highlighted that Brexit had delivered more challenges than opportunities for the Island. They said it had created ‘more red tape’ and meant fewer European employees staying to work in Jersey.
A project manager’s disdain at chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s speech to Bloomberg's city HQ – ‘the UK will soon probably need to start offering its own nomad visa just to get people to come here,’ probably resonated with many IT contractors.
We have taken the decision to pause the majority of the wedding business at Highclere Castle – we’ve had to, writes Lady Fiona Carnarvon.
Britain will continue trying to recruit the health workers it needs from abroad, but getting back those its lost to the EU is unlikely - as ITV News Europe Editor James Mates reports.