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For years, the town has welcomed thousands of European workers to fill warehouse roles - but that's now changing
With fellow Europeans leaving the UK, and no British workers taking their place, Eleanor Popa’s job harvesting strawberries has gone from tough to tough and lonely. Will the farm survive another year?
Government urged to consider youth mobility visa.
Anas Zein Al-Abdeen owns a chain of four Middle Eastern coffee houses around Birmingham. But, the 40-year-old says, while customers are plentiful, staff are another matter.
Poultry farmers and meat processors have struggled to cope due to Covid- and Brexit-induced staff shortages. But help may soon be at hand.
A THIRD of Scotland’s largest brassica crop has been left to rot in the field because Brexit ended access for seasonal pickers.
As British people walk among empty supermarket shelves, they could be forgiven for being concerned about Christmas. When the government deploys the army and desperately tries to import thousands of foreign temporary workers, the promised post-Brexit “sunlit uplands” seem rather distant. The most acute shortage is that of lorry drivers.
European migrants living in the UK contribute £2,300 more to public purse each year than the average adult, suggesting a net contribution of £78,000 to the exchequer over their lifespan in the UK.
Guernsey is going through its worst recruitment crisis in 30 years amidst a "perfect storm" of difficulties in getting staff, politicians and recruitment firm bosses have said.
Britain's turkey farmers will do their best to ensure Christmas "is as normal as it can be" but shortages are likely, an industry representative has warned.
Many Brits will be forced to go without a Christmas turkey this year because of Brexit labour shortages, MPs were told this afternoon.
A Coventry farmer was forced to throw tonnes of crops before they rot due to worker shortages on his farm since Brexit.
‘The effect of the British Government’s offer to go and work in the UK for three months is going to be nil’
A DECISION taken by Boris Johnson to relax immigration rules in the wake of the chaos caused by Brexit has been branded an “utterly humiliating” U-turn by Scotland’s First Minister.
Marco Digioia, general secretary of the European Road Haulers Association, said: “I expect many drivers will not return to the UK even if the UK Government allows them to.”
Unprecedented labour shortages have left hundreds of tonnes of produce rotting in the fields.
Scotland farmers say the festive tradition could be the latest casualty of supply issues caused by Brexit currently plaguing the nation.
Sir Roger Gale (Tory MP) says one farming business in his constituency has had to trash £320,000 worth of produce due to no pickers and no drivers. / There are cries of “Brexit, Brexit” around the house… and the Govt front bench looks nervous.
Producers having to throw away vast amounts of produce after EU labour dries up.
From one end of the supply chain to the other, the UK's food producers have endured a summer of trouble.
They know that Brexit lies at the heart of what is happening, and that what’s happening must therefore be ignored.
Why are there not enough people? What has suddenly happened that South Holland’s farmers cannot get the harvest in?
Fruit and vegetables are being left to rot in England as Brexit deters migrants from taking up picking jobs.
The sector relies on labour from the EU that is no longer available, producer Paul Kelly of KellyBronze said.