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Emma Jane voted leave, in this episode she chats to our host Chris about the reasons why and how she ended up running to be an anti brexit MEP and her recent trip to Brussels with fellow #RemainerNow
This is an extract taken from the latest CakeWatch podcast episode where Chris interviewed Ayo, Dami, Sim and Emma Jane whilst they were in Brussels on 16th and 17th of October meeting MEPs as part of the 12 strong #RemainerNow delegation.
Julian voted to leave the European Union in the 2016 referendum. Here he is telling his story to a rally organised by Bournemouth for Europe.
Boris Johnson, his so-called new deal, and the wholesale attack on citizens' rights. For light relief we join four Remainers Now standing in the rain outside the European Commission's headquarters and hear from them why they've made the journey to Brussels and what they want to achieve here. This podcast was brought to you by a large gin and tonic.
#RemainerNow want to send our former Leave voters to Brussels to tell their stories to MEPs from across the continent.
This week we bring you a recording of our event that we held in Bournemouth earlier in September. As well as five RemainerNow speakers we also had Chuka Umunna MP, Tom Brake MP, Caroline Voaden MEP, Molly Scott Cato MEP and Martin Horwood MEP.
"I voted to leave but not knowing the whole story. And now if I was to vote again, I'd vote to remain, personally, from an agricultural point of view."
A Northern Ireland who farmer appeared in a D.U.P. Brexit broadcast in 2016 says he now regrets having voted for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.
This week, in an episode recorded before parliament returned after the summer (and the chaos that led to) Lisa talks to Chris about her original leave vote due to anger at austerity and the need to help the NHS to someone who is now a very active anti Brexit campaigner.
LBC caller who once voted for UKIP told Shelagh Fogarty he now "deeply regrets" the decision and votes for Liberal Democrats.
This week Chris chats to Mike, a courier from Kent. He had little interest in free movement in 2016 and was fed up with austerity and voted leave. However, a lot has changed in 3 years and he has now completely flipped and now wants further EU integration.
Have you voted Leave in 2016 and since changed your mind? Join the conversation! Share your experience with us and explain why you have now changed your mind. Tell us your RemainerNow stories!
Andy, from Stamford, a Eurosceptic for many years, voted Leave in 2016, but has since changed his mind after fact-checking the Brexiters’ claims. A Remainer Now, he would like to vote Remain in a new referendum.
This week our host Chris chats to Callum. / Callum was 17 at the EU referendum but he actively campaigned for Vote Leave. He has now changed his mind and is an active #RemainerNow and he tells his story here.
This episode Chris hosts two guest. Firstly he chats to Richard from Exeter about his journey from leave to Remain and what he has been up to since he changed his mind. Then he has a quick chat with James about his experiences on stage at the Peoplesvote North rally in Leeds.
This week Chris chats to Claire from Dudley. She tells us how Facebook influenced her 2016 vote and then it was only 2 years later where she got to learn more from different news sources that she changed her mind.
Sarah from Christchurch voted Leave to express her anger at ‘the establishment’. She has since changed her mind after seeing the government’s shambolic negotiations. She is a RemainerNow and would like to have another say to vote to Remain.
After a long break the Remainernow Podcast is back. Our host Chris Pram chats to Chris Harris from Oxfordshire about his leave vote in 2016 and why he has changed his mind and is now fighting brexit.
Articles by people who have switch their views to Remain since the referendum.
Andy voted Remain but was not particularly engaged in politics. But something prompted him to become an activist and launch a huge and growing grassroots campaign providing a platform for people who voted Leave. / Chris finally does his homework on the Spitzenkandidat procedure.
This week Chris chats to Andrew about the rationale for his leave vote, his prompt change if mind and his appearance on stage at a People's vote rally two weeks ago.
Andy, from Stamford, a Eurosceptic for many years, voted Leave in 2016, but has since changed his mind after fact-checking the Brexiters’ claims. A Remainer Now, he would like to vote Remain in a new referendum.
In this pre-recorded episode from the say after brexit was supposed to happen, 4 regretful leavers, Sim, Daniel, Emma and our host Chris chat about various aspects of our current politics. It includes the prospect of a general election, EU elections and what is next with brexit.