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‘Red Wall’ and other poor parts of England will lose as much as £1 billion of development cash this year because of Brexit, dashing Boris Johnson’s pledge to “level up” Britain.
Institute for Fiscal Studies says it is 'plausible' to expect a £50 billion boost to UK economy if Brexit is cancelled.
This week, in an episode recorded before parliament returned after the summer (and the chaos that led to) Lisa talks to Chris about her original leave vote due to anger at austerity and the need to help the NHS to someone who is now a very active anti Brexit campaigner.
Real household incomes have fallen by 0.5 per cent over past two years amid pound’s slide and welfare cuts.
Austerity in the UK has been a political choice, made by this Tory Government, and has nothing to do with the EU or single market rules. EU rules impose no restriction whatsoever on the level of public spending