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Republican and pro-remain parties in Northern Ireland announced an electoral pact of sorts on Monday morning that will probably end up costing the DUP seats.
Will Boris Johnson's gamble to cut off the DUP to cut a deal with the EU prove to have been the undoing of his promise to 'Get Brexit Done' by October 31st?
SDLP also promises to give other remain parties clear run against DUP in general election.
Government told to wake up to extent of unionist anger over ‘betrayal’ of Northern Ireland.
Firms in Northern Ireland will have to submit declaration forms for goods heading to the rest of the UK, under the government's Brexit deal.
Brexit Secretary admits businesses will need to fill out export declaration forms.
'Just to be clear, exit summary declarations will be required in terms of NI to GB'
Boris Johnson thinks he’s got a deal. Arlene Foster isn’t so sure. Nobody knows what’s in the deal – but some of the ERG think it’ll pass the Commons anyway. The Remainiacs team gather to work out what we know, what we don’t know… and what we think will be put before Parliament on Saturday.
If anyone wants a quick summary of the new deal, I explained to Al Jazeera today why it’s bad for jobs, bad for prosperity, bad for supply chains, bad for rights and protections, bad for border disruption, and bad for the DUP. It’s a really bad deal.
EU and UK negotiators reach a new Brexit agreement that would avoid a hard border.
MPs set for Saturday vote on Boris Johnson's agreement.
UK PM announces ‘great deal that takes back control’ despite refusal of DUP to back agreement.
After days of intensive negotiations, the Prime Minister said he had reached a 'great' new deal with EU leaders.
Glimmers of a potential Brexit deal have sparked dissent among Boris Johnson's allies, as the EU signals it may be open to another extension.
EU gives go-ahead to weekend meetings after PM appears to backtrack on customs stance.
Under the proposals being considered, the EU would allow the unilateral revocation of the backstop if both Sinn Fein and the DUP agreed.
Leaked papers obtained by the Guardian show extent of fundamental objections Brussels has raised.
British government has broken its own solemn legal and political commitments.
UK proposals "do not match even remotely" Northern Irish backstop plan, says steering group.
DUP isolated in backing plan, which could ‘destroy economy and Good Friday agreement’
Brexit Republic is back, this week the House of Commons was suspended under the British government's deeply controversial prorogation, but that did not mean a quiet week for Boris Johnson. / They are joined by Sam McBride of the Belfast Newsletter, who discusses the DUP's position on the backstop.
A Northern Ireland who farmer appeared in a D.U.P. Brexit broadcast in 2016 says he now regrets having voted for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.
Luxembourg talks are not expected to deliver a breakthrough as the clock ticks down to 31 October.