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UK PM Boris Johnson had been wildly happy about his new EU exit deal; then he introduced a law undermining both it, and the last round of trade negotiations. Speaking with two former permanent secretaries of the UK’s EU exit department, Matt Ross asks whether Johnson is applying firm leverage – or deliberately sabotaging the trade talks.
SF MLA says changes to withdrawal deal would drive ‘coach and horses’ through Belfast Agreement.
Ex-Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Sir John Major have urged MPs to reject the "shameful" attempt to override parts of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.
Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney has said the UK government is behaving in an "extraordinary way" over Brexit.
Shockwaves felt both sides of Irish divide over plan to renege on withdrawal agreement.
Senior Brexiteers endorsed the Prime Minister’s deal but some have now turned against it and want to see it replaced.
A journalist has tried to smash the wall of silence around NI’s record political donation.
DUP MP questions Boris Johnson’s plans after producing letter about preparations.
DUP MP Sammy Wilson has been urged to apologise for the consequences of his pro-Brexit position after he claimed the Port of Larne has been told to prepare to become a border control point.
Assembly hears of plans for customs posts at NI ports, setting the cat among the pigeons.
Foreign minister challenges Johnson’s claim about goods moving from Northern Ireland to Britain.
Pro-Remain parties in Northern Ireland criticise ‘petty’ decision by UK government.
UK refuses request from Brussels for Northern Ireland presence for second time.
EU CHIEF Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier is to meet Sinn Féin and DUP representatives today as the countdown begins to the UK leaving the European Union on Friday.
Commons bid to force ministers to negotiate continued access for UK students is defeated by Tories.
DUP says deal will put a border down the Irish sea and threaten the union with Britain.
DUP leader says customs officials told her there would have to be checks at Irish Sea, contrary to Boris Johnson's promises.
Republican and pro-remain parties in Northern Ireland announced an electoral pact of sorts on Monday morning that will probably end up costing the DUP seats.
Will Boris Johnson's gamble to cut off the DUP to cut a deal with the EU prove to have been the undoing of his promise to 'Get Brexit Done' by October 31st?
SDLP also promises to give other remain parties clear run against DUP in general election.
Government told to wake up to extent of unionist anger over ‘betrayal’ of Northern Ireland.
Firms in Northern Ireland will have to submit declaration forms for goods heading to the rest of the UK, under the government's Brexit deal.
Brexit Secretary admits businesses will need to fill out export declaration forms.
'Just to be clear, exit summary declarations will be required in terms of NI to GB'
Boris Johnson thinks he’s got a deal. Arlene Foster isn’t so sure. Nobody knows what’s in the deal – but some of the ERG think it’ll pass the Commons anyway. The Remainiacs team gather to work out what we know, what we don’t know… and what we think will be put before Parliament on Saturday.