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Brexit may have been a reality for more than a year, with most opposition politicians reluctant to talk about it anymore, but that does not mean that it has broad public acceptance in the UK.
On trade, finance, migration, food standards and more, the UK suffers fresh ignominy on a daily basis.
Five years ago Wednesday, Britons voted in a referendum that was meant to bring certainty to the U.K.’s unsettled relationship with its European neighbors, but it most certainly did not
IN-DEPTH research reveals what the UK thinks about Brexit, five years after the referendum — and it's not good for Boris Johnson.
Salmond row has ‘not made much difference’ to independence support, polling expert Sir John Curtice says.
Brexit means Boris Johnson’s argument against Indyref2 – that it was a ‘once in a generation’ vote – is ‘no longer effective’.
New polling has shown the levels of Brexit regret in the country has increased again.
HELENSBURGH, Scotland (Reuters) - James Henderson has spent most of his life fiercely opposed to Scottish independence. Now, reluctantly he is backing it.
THE UK’s leading election expert has predicted Brexit could provide the crucial moment for renewing the drive for indyref2 in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.
'Our perceptions as consumers is one where it is not as clear that the mood to diverge and certainly to de-regulate is perhaps as strong as the impression the government seem to be giving'
Sir John Curtice warns Boris Johnson that "the pursuit of Brexit is indeed costing you support in Scotland".
BRITAIN'S leading polling expert has told The National that Unionists are “clearly on the back foot in the constitutional debate" after three polls in the space of a week showed rising support for independence.
This is an extract taken from the latest CakeWatch podcast episode where Chris interviewed Ayo, Dami, Sim and Emma Jane whilst they were in Brussels on 16th and 17th of October meeting MEPs as part of the 12 strong #RemainerNow delegation.
RECENT polls have suggested that opinion on independence versus staying in the UK is split almost 50:50. And once Boris Johnson and a possible "no-deal" Brexit are added into the mix, support for independence moves into the lead.