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HMRC says millionaire owes money for inheritance tax liability on Ukip donations.
The MP says the sun, not the moon, primarily causes ocean tides.
A FORMER MEP for UKIP, who defected and joined the Brexit Party, has warned voters to avoid his own colleagues ahead of December's general election. / "I would strongly urge anyone thinking of voting @brexitparty_uk not to do so...it is a hollowed out shell with no members but supporters and no manifesto"
UKIP has suspended its leader and three other members after they were accused of stealing data from the party.
Farage’s September 2012 remarks contrast with Ukip’s new claims that it is opposed to privatisation of health service.
The newly-elected leader of Ukip has been condemned for “virulent Islamophobia” after footage emerged of him arguing it should be illegal to publicly distribute the Qur’an in the UK and that some British towns are no-go areas for non-Muslims.
Richard Braine has pulled out of the conference in Newport after fewer than 450 tickets were sold.
LBC caller who once voted for UKIP told Shelagh Fogarty he now "deeply regrets" the decision and votes for Liberal Democrats.
Richard Braine accused of stoking tensions after also saying there are no ‘moderate Muslims’.
The remarkable call from a four-time Ukip candidate to James O'Brien is at number three in the countdown of his best Brexit clips.
Once an obscure idea confined to the darker corners of the internet, the anti-Islam ideology is now visible in the everyday politics of the west. How did this happen?
Sure, it appears as Richard on his birth certificate, but Dick Braine seems the perfect label for a man heading that party.
Ukip’s new leader, Richard Braine, has said he is “getting a bit fed up” with people making fun of his name.
Boris Johnson is poised to become prime minister thanks to a small, unrepresentative population of Brexiteer voters bent on destruction.
More than three-quarters of members who joined after 2017 general election back crashing out of EU with no agreement.
After China denied citizenship status to non-Chinese residents, about 7,000 ethnic minority families received full British nationality, granting them the ability to live across Europe and pass this status onto their descendants.
Far-right activist claimed he helped with Boris Johnson’s resignation speech as foreign secretary.
UKIP's ruling body has agreed to campaign against devolution in Wales, calling for a poll on the future of the National Assembly for Wales.
Gerard Batten has officially stepped down as leader of Ukip after facing a crushing defeat in the EU elections.
He’s the most effective demagogue in a generation. Now he sets the agenda. / "The Brexit Party’s campaign was a one-man show. While it has a sophisticated digital strategy, the party has no members and no manifesto, and none of its candidates were democratically selected."
Gerard Batten's advisor Tommy Robinson and YouTuber Carl Benjamin also fail in bids to be elected. / Ukip's leader has lost his seat at the European Parliament elections, in the latest blow for the disintegrating eurosceptic party.
The Ukip leader was forced to back down and declare his party’s support for a state-funded health service last November after a film emerged of him backing a switch to an insurance system. After Labour claimed that Ukip would privatise the NHS, he admitted he had not carried his Ukip colleagues with him.
Nigel Farage has been accused of a “staggering level of hypocrisy” over Britain’s steel crisis after it has emerged he and other Ukip MEPs voted against an EU move that it is claimed could have helped protect the steel industry from cheap Chinese imports.