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David Campbell Bannerman, who wants to stand for South Norfolk, launched body that attacked privileges committee.
There’s a growing understanding in Britain that the country’s vote to quit the European Union, a decisive moment in the international rise of reactionary populism, was a grave error.
On 23 June, it will be seven years since the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. Two years before the Brexit referendum, Clacton-on-Sea saw its MP defect to Brexit-supporting UKIP. How do people in the resort feel about it all now?
Seven years on from the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, more Brexiteers than ever regret their decision.
The UK Independence Party (Ukip) has been wiped out at England’s local elections, losing all six seats it was defending.
There were sighs of relief in many quarters when it was announced that the British government was not going ahead with plans for a wholesale bonfire of EU regulation.
Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who once vowed to leave the country if Brexit turned out to be a disaster, has stated: "Brexit has failed."
Once again the lead proponents of Brexit are so divorced from reality that it borders on the comical. / Nigel Farage’s GB News show delved into the murky pits of absurdity last night as grown-ups discussed the deeply damaging effects of Brexit on a real TV channel.
In Nigel Farage’s old stamping-ground, voters turn to a party they once scorned.
Brexit is an existential threat to Conservatism. When it fails, the party will need to ask itself some searching questions.
The UK government has been asked by the European Court Of Human Rights (ECHR) to respond to ‘credible allegations’ of Russian interference in the Brexit referendum.
However, disenchantment with Brexit has been one of the most notable trends of 2022 with a feeling that it has not lived up to the promises made at the time of the referendum. / Two thirds or 65% of British people think Brexit has gone badly compared to just 21% who think it has gone well according to an Opinium survey in early December.
Although a narrow majority UK-wide (not, of course, in Scotland) voted for Brexit, many have already realised it was a grave mistake. It is the biggest economic, diplomatic and ­constitutional mistake in the history of the ­United ­Kingdom. It is likely to be proximate cause of the ­United Kingdom’s ultimate ­collapse.
'I keep hearing my fellow unionists complaining that their anger over the existence of the Northern Ireland Protocol is not being recognised or taken seriously.'
Public concern about immigration to the UK may be down, but it has always been a surrogate question to living standards.
eter Jukes tracks Putin’s long war against democracy and the West – and the Russian President’s allies in Britain’s pro-Brexit establishment.
Millionaire Brexit-backing businessman Arron Banks has lost his Court of Appeal fight over a six-figure inheritance tax bill on his donations to Ukip.
But over the course of the year, a crisis, fuelled by the decision to leave the European Union, has been steadily, stealthily, stretching its tentacles around many of the services and products we expect and rely on.
Ex-Ukip deputy leader David Bannerman under fire for proposing post-Brexit update.
Police raid of Dean Morrice’s home found stockpile of chemicals and cache of terrorism manuals.
In January 2020, as Britain was about to exit the EU, a post appeared on the London School of Economics (LSE) blog musing about the mechanism and conditions that might apply if Britain ever wanted to re-join.
Leave campaigners behind project only won charitable status by vowing it would tell balanced story.
As Ukip welcomes Katie Hopkins as a member, Lizzie Dearden looks at the party’s journey into the far right.
The man behind the plot to blackmail Tesco for £1.4m by contaminating jars of baby food was a Ukip MP candidate and a Grimsby Conservative chairman.