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This was the silent majority finding its voice, the centre turning radical, the slow-to-anger rising up against the destruction of their values and their country.
We were expecting a funeral march. Instead we got a victory procession – of sorts. After the big march and the even bigger vote, heroic Best For Britain march organiser Naomi Smith and truly knackered journo Ian Dunt join Andrew Harrison in an echoey Portcullis House to work out exactly what happened, and what happens next.
Protesters demanding another Brexit referendum reacted with jubilation as MPs voted to force a further delay.
Protesters explain why they want a second referendum on EU membership.
They were charity assistants, health professionals, teachers and parents … all demanding a final say in their future.
When it comes to placard making, recent political turmoil has provided an abundance of creative inspiration.
The protest saw a giant blimp modelled on Boris Johnson fly in Parliament Square on Saturday.
A “Boris blimp” flew over Parliament Square as protesters gathered for another major march with the aim of stopping Brexit.
Rallies for a People's Vote are planned in towns and cities nationwide to put "relentless" pressure on politicians throughout the summer and autumn.
We want to put Brexit behind us. We want to reunite with Europe.
Demonstrators say Brexit and austerity have increased support for leaving the UK. / Thousands have demonstrated in Cardiff to call for an independent Wales in what organisers said was the first such march in Welsh history.
Richard Porritt, Steve Anglesey and Geri Scott are back to round up yet another historic week in British politics. The gang is joined by Jono Read who reports on the Remain march, Geri rounds up the runners and riders for Number 10 and Richard posts slices of bread through his neighbours' letter boxes.
Three alleged assaults on day UK was meant to leave EU. / Five people have been arrested during the pro-Brexit demonstrations in central London on Friday, police said.
The March. The Revoke petition. The Government that can’t govern and the amendment that put MPs in charge of Britain’s destiny at last. Was this the week that Brexiters lost control of Brexit?
Demonstrators have flooded the streets of central London as they marched on Parliament to demand the public are given a final say over Brexit.
This footage shows nine minutes of the march in just 90 seconds, starting at 14.45GMT.
Politicians from all parties have urged the Prime Minister to give the public the final say over Brexit at the Put it to the People march in London.
Twitter users used the hashtag #PVRoadTrip to share photos and videos of journeys to London from all over the UK.
Conservative Party Chairman James Cleverly said that remain voters were 'screaming to be listened too'.
An estimated 1 million people flooded the streets of central London on Saturday in favour of a final say on Brexit.
As hundreds of thousands marched on Westminster to demand a second Brexit vote, a dramatically smaller demo of leave-supporting protesters is being led by Nigel Farage.
Organisers hail UK’s ‘biggest-ever demo’, while Tom Watson leads calls for fresh referendum.
London turned into a sea of blue and yellow – and astonishingly good placards – as smiling procession tries to turn tide of history. / In London’s Park Lane, James Lancaster and his band, Brass Against Brexit, stood amid the gathering crowds preparing to march on Parliament Square.