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Hundreds of people waving European Union flags on Saturday rallied in central London calling for Britain to rejoin the bloc.
The National Rejoin March 2 attracted remarkable coverage from world media - unlike UK mainstream media. One of Spain’s leading papers carried this insightful on-site report by its London correspondent
Thousands of Remainers flooded central London with a sea of blue flags and yellow stars as they demanded the country overturn the 2016 Referendum result and rejoin the EU.
Be there on the road to rejoin.
With large-scale, pro-EU protests set to hit London next month, UK citizens seem to have lost patience with Brexit.
‘Most of my family voted to Remain. They think I was naïve, to put it politely,’ says 49-year-old Barny Gaveney. / ‘Thinking about what we had then and what we have now is soul-destroying’
British voters now say that they would vote to rejoin the EU in a new referendum.
An SNP MP has said there is “no way to polish that jobbie” at a rally in Edinburgh marking three years since the UK left the EU.
Alyn Smith spoke at a rally in Edinburgh on Tuesday evening, marking the third anniversary of the UK leaving the EU.
A day of pro-rejoin action around the whole of the UK and in every EU country, all happening on the same day.
TIME for Scotland and local Yes groups have organised rallies across Scotland for those who want to express how they feel on the third anniversary of Brexit.
A STRIKING torch-lit procession will lead protesters to a rally at the Scottish Parliament to mark the third anniversary of Scotland’s forced removal from the EU.
The National Rejoin March on 22 October 2022 was a sunny, joyous occasion in the heart of London. It was also big – bigger than even the march organisers were expecting.
Note that the slogans on these placards all represent news that has reached us about the effects of Brexit on Kent specifically. Some of these have featured in articles in Kent Bylines, as linked in the explanations below.
On Oct. 22, thousands of protestors marched in London to demand the United Kingdom rejoin the European Union and hold a general election.
YES supporters gathered in Edinburgh on Saturday to voice support for Scotland’s place in the European Union as an independent country.
Thousands of protesters marched through central London calling for the UK to rejoin the European Union on Saturday (22 October). / The National Rejoin March, organised by lorry driver Peter Corr, saw protestors walk from Park Lane to Parliament Square. / Attendees carried signs saying “Brexit was never going to work”, “For lower bills #rejoin the EU” and “We voted romaine”.
Tens of thousands of protesters have marched on Parliament Square calling for Britain to re-join the European Union.
EU exit ‘slow death that has been bleeding UK dry for years’. / Thousands of protesters have marched through central London calling for the UK to rejoin the EU.
UPDATE: As a mark of respect for Her Majesty, we have taken the decision to postpone the march that was to be held on Saturday (10 September). We would like to thank everyone who has supported the march, which will be rescheduled to a date that will be published as soon as possible.
Multiple Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts have shared an aerial photo which they claim shows a protest against coronavirus lockdowns in the UK capital of London in April 2021. The claim is false: the photo shows a march in October 2018 that called for a fresh referendum on Brexit.
Organisers claim 670,000 people have attended a march in central London calling for a fresh referendum on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.
An aerial image of a mass of people near Hyde Park Corner in London has been shared widely on social media, with people claiming it shows the anti-lockdown protest on 24 April 2021.
An aerial image of a large protest has been shared on Facebook and Instagram alongside a claim that it shows an anti-lockdown demonstration in the UK capital of London in March 2021. The claim is false; the photo in fact shows an anti-Brexit protest in March 2019.