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THE “sheer scale” of uncertainty created by Brexit is proving extremely challenging for fishing and farming businesses, MSPs have been told.
The legislation begins its passage through the House of Lords on Monday and is likely to be heavily amended.
‘Scottish public have shifted even further towards supporting an independent Scotland, with record numbers now saying they would vote Yes’
A protest against the UK Internal Market Bill will be held outside the UK Government’s headquarters in Edinburgh today.
Lord Neuberger condemns internal market bill for exempting some of its powers from legal challenge
A NEW Unionist party has been set up in Scotland with the primary aim of abolishing the nation’s devolved Parliament.
HOLYROOD has passed a motion calling on the UK Government to withdraw its plans for an internal market regime following the end of the Brexit transition period.
Proposals due to be published on Thursday by the UK Government will see powers in at least 70 policy areas previously controlled by the EU flow instead to Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast
Senior figures in Scotland and Wales warn Brexit is bringing a ‘statutory fist crashing down’.
I WAS struck last week how little notice was paid to the fourth anniversary of the Brexit referendum which took place last Tuesday.
Policy on devolved issues should return to the Scottish Parliament on the day the UK leaves its Brexit transition period with the EU, according to a committee of MSPs.
Mike Russell wrote to Michael Gove, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, requesting a halt to the withdrawal process during the coronavirus pandemic.
NICOLA Sturgeon has told leaders in Brussels that she will use the powers of Holyrood to ensure Scotland keeps a close relationship with the EU.
Scotland's first minister Nicola Sturgeon has ordered officials at the Scottish parliament to keep the European flag flying after the UK leaves the EU on Friday.
THOUSANDS will gather outside the Scottish Parliament on “Brexit Day” – a week today – in protest against Scotland being dragged from the EU and to call for a second independence referendum.
Decision by Northern Ireland’s MLAs will not affect UK’s departure from EU at end of month.
MSPs could force the Parliament officials to let the EU flag fly at Holyrood after Brexit.
MSPs voted to reject the UK Bill by votes to 92 votes to 29.
It will recommend Holyrood does not consent to the UK Government's Withdrawal Agreement Bill.
Presiding officer Ken Macintosh said the flag will come down at 11pm on January 31, when the UK leaves the EU.
Boris Johnson has ruled out granting permission for a re-run of 2014's referendum.
Boris Johnson was responding to SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford's call to respect the convention that UK legislation which affects Scotland should have Holyrood's consent.
Nicola Sturgeon has earmarked the second half of next year as the best time to have a vote.
A Frenchman who served as an MSP is calling on overseas citizens to use the European elections to send a message to Theresa May. / Christian Allard was an SNP MSP for the North East of Scotland between 2013 and 2016, and is now standing to become an MEP.