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Brits have been banned from taking their bicycles onboard Eurostar services to destinations including Paris, Lille and Brussels due to post-Brexit issues with customs rules.
Eurostar and Dover are at risk of Brexit border delays this summer when passenger numbers return to pre-pandemic levels, says parliamentary watchdog.
It would be fair to say that businesses in Somerset are now really starting to feel the effects of Brexit and our new trade deals with the EU and the rest of the world. From all the businesses I have spoken to so far the effects have ranged from bureaucratic nightmares with unnecessary paperwork and extra costs to complete shutdowns of exports.
Eurostar has also warned passengers of post-Brexit requirements.
European commission insists letting UK nationals use e-gates would breach EU law
‘Worst case scenario’ also warns of passengers waiting hours to board Chunnel trains to continent.
Exclusive: document seen by the Guardian says core IT system not due to be tested until November.
Brexit will never be over.
More than two-thirds of musicians say bookings dried up because of visa red tape and cost – even before coronavirus struck
A 44-year-old man has been arrested after Eurostar trains from London were suspended because of a protester draped in a St George’s flag.
French customs staff stage work-to-rule to demonstrate March 29 reality. One border guard declared: 'This will be what it is like after Brexit. Back to 1970s.'
Brussels says offer is 'strictly time-limited'
A leaked presentation, obtained by Sky News, warns of the impact of 'no-deal' on UK passengers travelling to and from Europe.
Deal or no deal, here are the issues that need fixing by March 29.