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Ratings agency cites weakening economy, Brexit woes and coronavirus shocks.
Medical supplies crucial to fight a second wave of coronavirus face being disrupted by a no-deal Brexit, a leading health think tank has warned.
Under cover of the pandemic, his inner circle is sidelining elected MPs and pushing through laws with no scrutiny
The site had originally been used to carry out around 2,000 COVID tests a day - but has since shut down.
The UK Government's recent statements make a deal between the EU and UK less likely, regardless of whether that is the intent or not.
Meeting of EU leaders this month will instead focus on post-Covid recovery and China relations.
In the words of another current cliché, UK science is already ‘world-beating’. But researchers are concerned that ministers’ plans may put that status in jeopardy as MARTIN MCQUILLAN reports.
A leaked Cabinet Office document describes a possible disaster in the coming months.
A leaked "reasonable worst-case scenario" document paints a stark picture about the impact of a no-deal situation while coronavirus pandemic continues.
And it will cost more here because of the UK pulling out of the European Medicines Agency on 30 December.
There is an obvious flaw in advocating Brexit on the basis that it’s less costly than the worst pandemic the world has faced in a hundred years. But this aside, the claim Covid-19 is a bigger economic shock than Brexit deserves further interrogation.
Downing Street has played down the prospect of food and water shortages this winter if a no-deal Brexit coincides with a second wave of coronavirus.
A government dossier leaked to the press has revealed that the military may be called in to airdrop food and patrol parts of the UK if it is hit by a no-deal Brexit and a second coronavirus wave at the same time.
UK and European negotiators are meeting later today for yet another round of Brexit trade talks.
A Nobel prize-winning scientist has said Brexit has cast the UK “several decades into the past” and feared it would damage the country’s standing in the scientific community.
The supreme irony is that, despite all those Vote Leave promises, Brexit is making it harder to control UK borders.
Faculty, linked to senior Tories, hired to collect tweets as part of coronavirus-related contract.
But pharmaceutical industry has warned that sufficient buffer stocks may not be possible by December.
When great powers fail, New Zealand and other small states must organise to protect their interests, Robert G. Patman writes.
Even if there is no second wave of coronavirus to shut down factories once again, British car production in 2020 will only recover to about a half of last year’s figure, says industry body.
HELENSBURGH, Scotland (Reuters) - James Henderson has spent most of his life fiercely opposed to Scottish independence. Now, reluctantly he is backing it.
New polling has shown that the coronavirus pandemic has led to the British public becoming more sympathetic towards welcoming EU citizens to work and live here - just as freedom of movement is being cut off as part of Brexit.