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Rod Stewart has blasted Brexit and said he backs a second Scottish independence referendum.
Across the world, there is incomprehension at what we have done to ourselves.
Panelists discuss the ongoing challenges in the post-Brexit process, the prospects that Northern Ireland and Scotland could leave the United Kingdom via referendums, and the possible implications for U.S. foreign policy in the United Kingdom and Europe.
Food shortages caused by Brexit give boost to the case for Scottish independence, according to polls.
ONE third of Scots say empty supermarket shelves and closed petrol station forecourts boost the case for Scotland to restore freedom of movement with the EU as an independent nation.
Northern Ireland, food prices, the ease of a deal - it turns out that many of the claims made by those advocating Brexit were not quite true...
ALISTER Jack’s claim that the Scottish Border is “little more than a sign” indicates he needs to read up on the history of the country he represents, according to a leading historian.
Ex-PM joins fellow former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith in raising concerns over the potential break-up of the United Kingdom.
Nicola Sturgeon described Brexit as an “unnecessary and unforgivable act” that is damaging Scottish businesses and causing food shortages.
THE Union has been doomed for a century and Scotland will gain ­independence within five years, according to a bestselling historian.
THREE-quarters of business leaders believe Brexit is damaging the UK economy, a poll has revealed.
The agreement solidifies the pro-independence majority in Holyrood and says a new Scottish independence referendum will be sought in the first half of the parliamentary session - if the COVID-19 pandemic is over.
THE SNP’s Westminster leader has made a plea to Scots who are undecided on independence as the consequences of Brexit become more apparent.
The London bureau chief for Germany’s public broadcaster reflects on Britain’s government.
Richard Corbett, former Labour MEP, linguist, author and fluent and well-informed speaker will explain the background to Boris Johnson's Brexit deal and discuss the fallout. There are numerous consequences of Brexit which are not receiving sufficient publicity. Leaving the EU came at a huge cost to the UK economically, culturally and in terms of our standing in the world.
The harm done to Scotland’s economy, trade, population, education and governance by Brexit is becoming increasingly clear, a new paper finds.
ON June 24, 2016, global markets were in turmoil, David Cameron was resigning, Trump was emboldened, and three million EU nationals in Britain were facing an uncertain future in a country that had just told them via the Brexit referendum they were no longer welcome. We were two of them.
Five years ago Wednesday, Britons voted in a referendum that was meant to bring certainty to the U.K.’s unsettled relationship with its European neighbors, but it most certainly did not
It divided the country, dominated politics for years and delivered the premiership to Boris Johnson. It’s five years ago tomorrow since the Brexit referendum produced its shock 52-48 result in favour of the UK quitting the European Union, and even though it was last year that we actually left, the consequences of that decision still have a long way to run.
THE SNP have said “independence is the only way to keep Scotland safe from the long-term damage of Brexit” as new figures show UK food and drink exports to the EU almost halved in the first quarter since Brexit.
Even the keenest Brexiteer must feel that the process has been tortuously long. / That has been, in large part, because successive British governments have refused to accept the trade-off between untrammelled sovereignty and friction-free access to the EU’s single market, a refusal that shapes today’s increasingly testy relationship.
THE UK Government has been accused of “clumsy control-freakery” after a letter sent to the devolved nations insisted that London be informed of all contact with the EU.
ONLY as an independent nation can Scotland secure a fair, strong and equal recovery say the SNP after new figures revealed the impact of Brexit and the pandemic on trade.
‘It gives the Australians the ability to say, ‘we’ll dig in – here are our terms, but we’re not going to budge’.
Dr Philippa Whitford, MP and eminent breast cancer surgeon, shares her concerns for the future of our NHS following Brexit. Recorded in front of a live audience at Arran High School Theatre on Friday 13th September 2019.