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The Liberal Democrats are to set out a roadmap for Britain to rejoin the European Union single market – reversing the most damaging parts of Brexit. / The proposed policy would ultimately reinstate free movement and trade.
Businesses across the West Midlands are facing higher costs, a big increase in paperwork and hold-ups at ports.
SCOTS may face a referendum on the European Union post-independence under plans currently being considered by the SNP, according to reports.
Johnson is at the mercy of his cabinet. The trouble is, as Leavers, none of them will face up to our post-EU crisis either
The Tory peer thinks public "anger" could trigger another vote on the UK's membership in the EU.
The Scottish Government has signalled its intention for Scotland to re-join the EU as an independent nation. / Brexit has been labelled as an “ongoing, cumulative calamity” – one year on from the UK cutting ties with the EU.
In the months after Boris Johnson signed his post-Brexit trade deal with the European Union, the coronavirus masked the economic damage of leaving the bloc. As the pandemic drags on, the cost is becoming clearer -- and voters are noticing.
A NEW report has shown that the UK government’s prospective Free Trade Agreements are projected to only add between 0% and 0.16% to the UK’s Gross Domestic Product, up to fifteen years after their implementation.
Article 49 of the Treaty on European Union establishes how a country can join the EU.
Brexit Britain and Boris Johnson have been dealt a “crushing blow”, according to The Express, after a new bombshell poll revealed more than half of UK adults would vote to rejoin the European Union if another referendum was to take place.
Voters now want to rejoin the EU, polls show, in evidence that goods shortages and spats with Brussels are fuelling disillusionment with Brexit. / He pointed to the 77 per cent of 18- to 34-year-olds who support rejoining – and no fewer than 80 per cent of those who failed to vote in 2016, adding: “The Brexit story isn’t going away any time soon."
What are our aims? For the United Kingdom on Great Britain and Northern Ireland to return to the European Union as a whole or in parts.
Michael Heseltine tells an audience in Nottingham tonight that they should they should never give up trying restore Britain's position in the European corridors of power...and says it's the young generation who will push for a reversal of Brexit.
Former deputy prime minister says we ‘must restore Britain’s position in the corridors of European power’.
PRO-EUROPE groups in Oxford are aiming to place themselves at the centre of the battle to re-join the EU’s customs union and single market, with a Labour peer telling them it needs to happen “as soon as possible”.
"Oxfordians want to build-back-better and level-up but we have one hand tied behind our backs labelled Brexit," the association behind the movement told TLE.
The shadow minister’s position went far further than Keir Starmer, who has spoken only about improving Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.
Five years after Britain voted to leave the European Union, most Europeans say they would welcome them back.
A summit crucial to the issue of climate change is instead mired in disentangling the mess of Britain’s exit from the EU
This caller told Eddie Mair he believed Leave voters will soon regret Brexit and realise "they were conned."
Comments at Guardian Live event are first time former PM has explicitly called for UK to rejoin EU
A Better Britain in a Better Europe for a Better World
This website is simply a list of actions individuals can take that collectively will help get us on a path for rejoining the EU, and individually will provide a sense of doing something rather than helplessly watching this Brexit disaster unfold.