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ADVANCE notice is given of an important online event to discuss how an independent Scotland could make its way back into the European Union.
New research finds current Tory leader ‘loathed’ by Scots in a way David Cameron and Theresa May were not.
A SENIOR German politician has given her support for an independent Scotland joining the EU – further undermining a plot by UK Tories to block the new state from being a member.
SEet up offices in every European capital to prepare for independent Scotland's re-entry into the EU, a leading Irish politician has urged the Scottish Government.
Reject Brexit. Rejoin the EU. Reform Britain. / Rejoin and Reform is a campaign to give a voice to people who want to rejoin the European Union, and to demand reform for a better Britain.
There has been a surge in support for European Union membership among the British public since the Brexit referendum, a major new survey found.
AN independent Scotland should set a target of four years to get the country back into the European Union, according to a major report being published today.
The Blueprint is based on the potential scenario that after independence Scotland becomes a parliamentary republic with a written constitution.
'while it is unlikely that the UK will rejoin the EU within a decade, it is equally unlikely that the issue will be not be firmly back on Britain’s political agenda within two decades. There are six reasons for this.'
A majority of Scots would vote to rejoin the EU in a future referendum, a new poll has revealed.
Four years on from the UK's Brexit vote, a majority of British voters would now opt to remain inside the European Union, says new research.
A NEW Scottish campaign is being launched to gather support for rejoining the EU. A poll commissioned by the new group, which has yet to be named, found 63% of Scots support backing an extension to Brexit beyond the December 31 deadline.
A British pro-EU group visited Strasbourg on February 14 to deliver a Valentine’s Day card signed by more than 1,000 people in the UK.
Almost half of those questioned say they would like Britain to rejoin the European Union.
Labour leadership frontrunner was only candidate at Dudley hustings not to reject idea of reversing Brexit.
European Movement’s Brexit Watch initiative aims to highlight impact of EU withdrawal on communities
Deep generational divide over Europe, as young favour EU membership and old want to stay outside. / Boris Johnson’s pleas for the UK to unite following Brexit have fallen on deaf ears, with the country still deeply split over the decision to leave the European Union, a new poll has suggested.
AN independent Scotland would be first in line to rejoin the European Union, according to an expert from the London School of Economics.
It is not as far-fetched an idea as it may sound. In fact, there is already a template for how to do it.
Former European council president’s remarks will boost SNP’s campaign for second independence referendum.
‘If you ask me about our emotions, you will witness I think always empathy,’ says former European Council president.
NICOLA Sturgeon will this morning unveil her “next steps” in a major address to mark Brexit and launch her bid to regain EU membership for Scotland as an independent country.