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Many of those who backed leaving the EU now admit that it has damaged Britain. Are we near a tipping point?
In light of recent polling showing that a record number of people have changed their minds about Brexit, Paula Surridge and Alan Wager unpack shifting public attitudes, looking at age, education and changing geographic patterns, highlighting that Brexit may continue to shape our politics for some time yet.
We need the word “rejoin“ to have the same weight and significance as the word “Brexit“.
The British government on Sunday denied a report that it is seeking a “Swiss-style” relationship with the European Union that would remove many of the economic barriers erected by Brexit — even as it tries to improve ties with the bloc after years of acrimony.
The only way the UK can gain economic growth is by 'rejoining the EU,' says LBC caller.
Brexit now considered a mistake by significant majority of the population as UK’s economic fortunes fade.
Jeremy Hunt conceded there have been damaging trade barriers with the EU created by Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.
The UK's finance minister has said he recognises that Brexit has brought trade barriers with the EU, but rejected calls for Britain to rejoin the single market, arguing that most obstacles can be removed over time.
"Public opinion has already moved", the former deputy prime minister said.
"Around half of the fiscal hole, and the political instability that comes with that, is down to Brexit," John Springford of the Centre for European Reform.
A NORTH-east MSP has claimed businesses and households in the region are suffering due to the effects of Brexit.
We are stuck in the Tory game of make-believe that everything is coming up roses in an English country garden. The reality is that following Brexit the rest of the world looks at England with a mixture of perplexity, pity, and amused contempt.
Food production in the UK is slowing down and some farms are shrinking. Many farmers say they’re struggling to cope.
Britain has been an object of international derision in recent months. / Britain, said some outside observers, had turned into an emerging market — even a banana republic. But why has a country, traditionally renowned for its stability, been engulfed by such turmoil? / Brexit is the reason, according to critics of Britain’s departure from the European Union.
AN SNP MP has written to the Complaints Department of the UK Statistics Authority urging them to correct Michael Gove’s “wholly misleading” tweet about Brexit.
Figures from HMRC show that exports from Scotland to the EU have dropped 13 per cent in the past two years
A surge in support for rejoining the EU means the debate on Brexit is far from over, according to the UK’s most-respected pollster, Adam Bienkov reports.
A persistent majority of Britons think Brexit was a mistake, one of the UK's leading pollsters said Wednesday, forecasting near-certain defeat for the Conservatives at the next election.
Professor Sir John Curtice said the vote six years ago had failed to settle the debate on whether the UK should be in the European Union.
Numbers wishing to rejoin EU steadily growing over past year, while parties maintain silence. / Polling evidence over the past year suggests that the 2016 Brexit referendum has failed to deliver a “permanent settlement” to the Brexit debate, polling guru Sir John Curtice has said.
The powers ensure that Scottish drinking water aligns with standards set by the European Union.
We didn't see that on the side of a bus back in 2016. A prominent pro-Brexit campaigner now says leaving the EU 'is part of the long game'. / We seriously doubt voters would have been so enthusiastic to back the Leave campaign had this been one of their taglines. Alas, even some of the most fervent defenders of Brexit are now trying to change the goalposts.
Powers passed to help in dealing with the impact of Brexit are being used for the first time to ensure Scotland’s drinking water aligns with standards set by the European Union.
POWERS passed to help in dealing with the impact of Brexit are being used for the first time to ensure Scotland’s drinking water aligns with standards set by the European Union.
The National Rejoin March on 22 October 2022 was a sunny, joyous occasion in the heart of London. It was also big – bigger than even the march organisers were expecting.