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The government has no plan to save a vanishing sector.
The UK is accused of being ‘asleep at the wheel’ when it comes to industrial policy around new electric car and battery tech.
The future of electric vehicle production in the UK is under threat unless the Government reworks the Brexit deal, Vauxhall parent Stellantis has warned.
One of the world's biggest carmakers has warned it may have to close UK factories if the government does not renegotiate the Brexit deal.
Stellantis warns UK government that the fledging electric vehicle industry is being jeopardised by a new 10% tariff.
One of the world's largest carmakers has said it will be unable to keep their commitment to make electric vehicles in the UK without changes to the Brexit deal.
Stellantis has warned it won’t be able to keep its commitment to building electric vehicles in the UK without changes to the Brexit deal.
Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders cuts 2021 forecast after 35.5% year-on-year decline
Musk says uncertainty over future ruled UK out of running for new facility.
The head of the car group that owns Vauxhall has compared a no-deal Brexit to a head-on train crash.
PSA Group, the French automaker that owns Vauxhall, has again warned that it could pull production from its Ellesmere Port plant in the UK if the plant becomes unprofitable after Brexit.
PSA Group’s decision is boost to British car industry and workers at Ellesmere Port plant.
Production of electric and hybrid cars will not be introduced to Ellesmere Port until the outcome of Brexit is decided, Vauxhall's parent company has warned.