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British companies are moving their European bases to Belgium to manage the challenges posed by Brexit and are now trading with the EU from there.
Business chiefs and economists say huge disruption lies ahead if Downing Street triggers Article 16.
Northern Ireland risks becoming a “legal basket case” that will deter trade and investment if Article 16 is triggered, companies have warned.
Bank of England policy maker Jonathan Haskel said uncertainty over Britain’s exit from the European Union held back business investment in the U.K.
Brexit has resulted in Wallonia receiving almost €358 million in investments, while 539 jobs have been created in the region since the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.
Paul Newberry is a consultant aerospace engineer and he’s saddened by Brexit and the loss of opportunity and restriction of freedom it brings to people young and old ... including his son who followed him into the business). It’s bad news for the UK’s future scientists, engineers and innovative industries as a whole.
Only the EU member states are being considered to host a new European facility, says CEO Pat Gelsinger.
Intel says Brexit means it is no longer considering the UK as the site to build a major new chip factory as part of its $95bn (£70bn) global expansion plans.
The boss of Intel says the US chipmaker is no longer considering building a factory in the UK because of Brexit.
Not for the first time, the prime minister delivered a major speech that was economical with the truth.
Looks like there will be disinvestment by Japanese companies in UK financial services sector for 2021 too. Nomura International PLC has just notified Companies House that they have reduced their capital from US$11.2bn to $3.2bn.
Brexit has damaged the UK's position as a gateway to Europe for imported goods and increased red tape.
The number of Japanese companies and their employees in the UK is starting to decline. Given that this is against the trend elsewhere in Europe, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that this is a reaction to Brexit.
On trade, finance, migration, food standards and more, the UK suffers fresh ignominy on a daily basis.
It’s five years since Britain voted to leave the EU – so what number should really have been on the side of the Vote Leave bus? Ben Chu examines the real impact of Brexit on the UK’s economy.
Half a decade after the referendum, the economic hit to the UK caused by Brexit is becoming clearer. But it will be years before the true impact is understood
Tit-for-tat sanctions over Beijing’s treatment of Uyghurs puts halt on investment agreement.
SDLP’s Brexit spokesman says Frost’s attempts to unpick NI protocol risking investment.
After several years of increasing FDI, Brexit has caused inbound investment to dip in the UK.
Retail investors fled UK equity funds in February to the tune of £1bn ($1.4bn) — a continuation of a trend that was initially triggered by Brexit in 2016.
Every negative consequence of Brexit for the UK and the clear advantage for the EU is alerting the British public to the realities of Boris Johnson’s deal. As investment slows and jobs go elsewhere there will only be one person to blame – Boris Johnson.
A Sussex company has had to let dozens of employees go after losing almost all of its business to Brexit.
The impact of concerns over Brexit and Covid-19 saw takeover deals in Europe by UK investors slump last year, according to new figures.
The coronavirus pandemic and Brexit hampered deal activity between the UK and continental Europe in 2020, with the number of European businesses bought by UK acquirers falling by nearly a third.