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British car factories will be forced to close with the loss of thousands of jobs if the UK government does not renegotiate its Brexit deal immediately, automaker Stellantis has warned.
Stellantis, which also owns Citroen, Peugeot and Fiat and employs more than 5,000 people in the UK, says its UK investments were in the balance due to terms of Brexit trade deal.
Rishi Sunak’s government is understood to be lobbying the EU to delay a change in manufacturing rules in the Brexit trade deal after Vauxhall’s parent company warned it could shut its UK factories.
Carmaking giant urges UK government to renegotiate rules to avoid expensive tariffs.
Rishi Sunak’s government is lobbying the EU to delay a change in manufacturing rules in the Brexit trade deal after the owner of Vauxhall warned it could shut its UK factories.
Stellantis warned post-Brexit trading arrangements risk its operations in the country. / “If the cost of EV manufacturing in the U.K. becomes uncompetitive and unsustainable, operations will close,” it said. / Rules of Origin requirements on batteries and EVs are due to be scaled up in coming years, with automakers facing 10% export tariffs.
French car giant says it cannot follow parts sourcing rules, introduced through Brexit, which add hefty tariffs. / Stellantis has urged the UK government to renegotiate part of its Brexit deal with the EU so it can avoid vehicle factory closures, which would result in the loss of thousands of jobs.
The owner of the Ellesmere Port Vauxhall motor plant has warned it could close unless the Government renegotiates its Brexit trade deal with the EU.
One of the world's largest carmakers has said it will be unable to keep their commitment to make electric vehicles in the UK without changes to the Brexit deal.
British car factories could be forced to close if the UK does not renegotiate the current Brexit deal, according to one of the largest automakers in the country.
One of the world's biggest carmakers has warned it may have to close UK factories if the government does not renegotiate the Brexit deal.
Stellantis has committed to making electric vehicles in the UK but it is no longer able to meet Brexit trade rules on where parts are sourced.
Vauxhall bosses warn the UK will be put at a ‘major competitive disadvantage’ without changes to Brexit import rules.
It may have been over three years since the UK formally left the European Union but UK brands and retailers continue to face a slew of challenges in navigating post-Brexit trade. Drapers identifies the persistent pain points and how they are being managed.
Number of hospitality venue closures soars six-fold in a year - triggered by EU staff shortages.
Cluny Lace, known for embellishing Kate Middleton’s (now the Princess of Wales) wedding dress, is facing closure after HMRC implements post-Brexit duty rules, hitting the company with £10,000 duty debt.
As President Biden's visit to Belfast reignites Brexit talks, this defeated caller labels Boris Johnson a "liar" after he promised "frictionless trading" post-Brexit.
Shona Campbell, insolvency partner at business advisory and accountancy firm Henderson Loggie, has been appointed as liquidator of Holoxica, the holographic 3D visualisation company. / "Global supply chain issues, changes in trading conditions because of Brexit and the pandemic have created cashflow challenges for the company," the liquidator said.
A GLASGOW restaurant has said that Brexit is one of the reasons it has been forced to close.
They blame a number of factors including Brexit and the Covid pandemic, as well as supply chain problems and spiralling costs.
Its board of directors said a "period of financial difficulty" had been caused by many factors, including Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic.
They have decided to scale down their business in order to spend more time as a family, but say the decision is also because Brexit has made their business far more difficult to run.
The UK is struggling to build a battery industry—and its new isolation isn't helping.
BREXIT and the war in Ukraine have been highlighted as among the reasons for the sudden closure of a popular venue.
Scottish retailer went into administration at the end of last year, after closing 47 shops in 2020.