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The British government has been warned that there is "no legal or political justification" for unilateral action on the Northern Ireland Protocol.
‘No justification’ for bid to ditch NI protocol, Ireland and Germany warn Johnson.
Fewer scholars from Italy, Germany, France and Netherlands working in British universities, says report.
Germany told European Union nations that relations between the UK and the bloc reached a new low and they should be ready for a serious fight if London enacts the bill it proposed to tear up the Northern Ireland Protocol.
Boris Johnson’s plans to tear up post-Brexit arrangements for Northern Ireland have come under fierce attack from Washington, with senior congressmen on both sides of the US political divide warning the “irresponsible” move is a threat to peace in the province.
Curators who left the UK after the referendum took with them experience that is reshaping their cities’ art scenes.
The music merchandise specialist says the move will help alleviate the significant trade issues created by Brexit.
To safeguard potential reimbursement claims against foreign plaintiffs, the German law of civil procedure contains a provision according to which the defendant can request plaintiffs outside the European Economic Area to provide a cost security before they can sue in German courts.
The UK's diplomatic heft and economic muscle have been greatly damaged by leaving the world's largest trading bloc. It will have increasingly little sway in any future global crises.
A supplier of car parts to the likes of Range Rover and BMW is reportedly closing its UK plant and setting its sights on Europe.
The recent report from Fox’s Global Britain Commission sets out Britain’s productivity problem but offers no answers to it.
The UK fell out of Germany's top five trading partners in December, data from the country's national statistical office Destatis shows.
Britain slides out of top five of Germany’s largest trade partners as imports fall to €32.1bn in 2021
Greg Hands was asked why Michael Gove made the promise if it is now considered a bad move.
German exports to the UK declined 2.5% last year, due to effects linked to the Brexit process, Germany's federal statistics office, Destatis, has said.
The Irish balance sheets of large systemically important banks with international operations run from Ireland have grown by as much as €200bn since the UK voted to leave the EU six years ago, a study has found.
‘In the event of non-compliance.... we are committed to the consistent application of all agreed measures and countermeasures’.
Thanks to Brexit, France has become the third-largest market for goods from Poland, after Germany and the Czech Republic, said the Polish Economic Institute (PIE). Analysts pointed out that Great Britain's exit from the EU single market resulted in a decrease in its share in Polish exports.
My daughter is right: she should raise her children in Germany rather than Boris Johnson’s increasingly debased Britain.
Fourteen countries likely to take tough stance in future talks about fisheries if access to UK waters does not improve.
UK Labour frontbencher David Lammy has blamed Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal for the HGV driver shortage.
The favourite to succeed Angela Merkel as chancellor said ending freedom of movement with the EU has created a ‘problem’ for Britain.
The UK has had little influence in Germany’s upcoming election, experts say, after the country ‘shrugged its shoulders and moved on’ from Brexit. / "Germans generally think Brexit is a bit mad, they generally wish that Britain was still in the European Union, but they shrug their shoulders and they’ve moved on."
Olaf Scholz, poised to become next chancellor, wades into row over HGV driver shortage.