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SHAREHOLDERS in travel giant Tui have voted unanimously in favour of the company ditching its listing on the London Stock Exchange. / Tui, which is currently dual-listed in London and Frankfurt, announced last night that investors had voted by a large majority (98.35%) to quit the UK capital.
A leading figure in Germany’s ruling Social Democratic party (SPD) has called for far closer links between the UK and the European Union, amid rising concerns the Brexit divide is harming efforts to solve international crises, including mass migration.
Drawing on their recent article, Tim Bale and Karl Pike explore the consequences of the ‘Merkel myth’ for Brexit – the notion that the key to UK withdrawal lay with Angela Merkel.
‘Brexit is materially restricting our growth now,’ manufacturer Farrat says. / Manchester — Sick of customs delays and extra bureaucracy since Britain left the EU, Farrat, a small manufacturer on the edge of Manchester, is ramping up investment to compensate — in Germany.
Sick of customs delays and extra bureaucracy since Britain left the European Union, Farrat, a small manufacturer on the edge of Manchester, is ramping up investment to compensate - in Germany.
Brexit has been an “economic disaster” for trade and investment ties between the United Kingdom and Germany, leading to a fall in German direct investment and seeing the UK decline in importance as a trading partner, German economists said.
British seeking ‘foothold’ in EU single market to ease red tape burden.
The Conservative MP claims Brexit helped thwart Putin's Ukraine invasion. He is wrong.
Conference of European Rabbis has planned move from London for years, viewing need for its offices to be in heart of Europe; organization’s head says Germany is ideal location.
One of Europe’s most prominent associations of Orthodox rabbis is moving its headquarters from London to Munich in a ripple effect from the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union.
Industry leaders fear new entry restrictions and the UK’s tarnished image among some Europeans have caused a decline in EU visitors
After months of planning, Trigger Cut were looking forward to a UK tour… but then they got to the border.
Tourism leaders are concerned that French and German tourists are starting to avoid the UK due to post-Brexit restrictions on travel with identity cards.
Legal experts say Brussels has right to take retaliatory action, making cross-border law enforcement harder. / We have noted the reaction of the United Nations, and they are really concerned about what’s going on,” Anton Hofreiter, the chair of the committee, told reporters in London.
Campaigners took a float depicting a grotesque ‘Miss Brexit 2023’ to the Düsseldorf Carnival.
My latest update estimates Brexit reduced Britain's GDP by 5.5 per cent by the second quarter of 2022. My model avoids the cherry-picking of data, and performs better than its critics’ methods.
Although the UK was their first choice, the uncertainty over Brexit forced Tesla to change their plans.
Foreign secretary James Cleverly says protocol talks moving ‘pretty fast’ after meeting German counterpart.
Last year, UK car production hit its lowest level since 1956 because of skills shortages and supply chain issues.
Six years post-Brexit, Britain remains haunted by the EU in a neurosis that is not reciprocated in Brussels or other capitals.
UK car makers have been 'unable to meet the requirements' of the Metropolitan Police protection service
UK carmakers ‘unable to meet the requirements’ of the Metropolitan Police protection service.
In a recent decision, the Federal Supreme Court (Bundesgerichtshof) had an opportunity to provide further guidance regarding the obligation of UK claimants to provide security for costs in German proceedings.
"Britain has traditionally been Germany’s fifth largest trading partner. In 2022 UK will drop out of the list of the TOP 10"
New government figures show post-Brexit slump in UK exports to Germany, France, Italy and Spain – and failure to transition exports to the US and China, says ParcelHero