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A disorderly Brexit would be a disaster for Britain and its citizens, German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz told Reuters, adding that the latest signals from London “do not raise excessive hopes for an agreement”.
Boris Johnson under ‘wrong impression that he can pull off negotiating at the 11th hour,’ says EU official.
Flagging trade talks have seen little progress.
Outward migration also rises significantly, with emigrants prepared to take more risks.
When great powers fail, New Zealand and other small states must organise to protect their interests, Robert G. Patman writes.
Comments will be a blow to No 10, which had hoped Merkel would help break deadlock
After a February meeting between U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May and 19 Japanese business chiefs, Tokyo’s ambassador to Britain warned what might happen if Brexit took an unfavorable turn for foreign investors.
The tiny village of Brunsmark, an hour outside Hamburg in the lush north German countryside, might seem an unlikely spot to suffer a sudden Brexit shock.
Almost every nation at some point believes it’s special and on a mission. They’re all wrong, and the sooner we get over this nonsense, the better.
Since Britain voted to leave the EU in 2016, 31,600 Britons have acquired German citizenship.
Charities in several countries in Europe have been handed government funding to help vulnerable residents apply for post-Brexit residency.
A total of 6,250 people from the UK became German nationals in 2018, a rise of 950 per cent on pre-referendum numbers.
The UK is to withdraw from the European Union aviation safety regulator (EASA) after the Brexit transition period, Grant Shapps has confirmed.
Boris Johnson’s team isn’t going to let economic models get in the way of a political revolution.
Boris Johnson’s government is waging a war of words not against the EU but the British people.
In London for LSE symposium, politicians express confusion at Britain’s post-Brexit stance
German chancellor makes veiled comment that leaving the EU could lead to the UK losing international influence.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk has blamed Brexit as the reason why the firm chose Germany rather than Britain as the country to launch its new Gigafactory.
Musk says uncertainty over future ruled UK out of running for new facility.
Brand's European factory will be built near Berlin and produce the Model Y SUV, with Tesla R&D centre in Germany, too.