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British orchestras tour widely in the EU – and when we leave, they will probably need work permits and special social security and health insurance arrangements, as well as facing delays at the border. / Membership of the single market and the customs union has been hugely beneficial in enabling British orchestras to tour across Europe
One of Britain’s most successful orchestras is moving to Belgium amid fears that its musicians may be among the victims of a post-Brexit crackdown on immigration. The European Union Baroque Orchestra has been based in Oxfordshire since 1985, but will give its last UK concert in its current form at St John’s Smith Square, London, on 19 May, before moving to Antwerp.
‘You can’t ask for EU funding and then not be in the EU,’ says chief executive of orchestra established in London in 1976. The orchestra was established in London in 1976 but the British vote to leave meant it had to come up with a plan for a future outside the UK.