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Brexit has caused sadness far and wide, but for very many musicians who are only just beginning to emerge from the Covid-induced touring dearth, Brexit has been a disaster. A survey conducted by musicians in 2021 revealed that 34 per cent of musicians had already lost work as a result of Brexit. A violinist said, “I am professionally paralysed by Brexit.”
The music merchandise specialist says the move will help alleviate the significant trade issues created by Brexit.
The Unite Trade Union claims the UK Government has showed “sheer incompetence" after a freedom of information request revealed that no monitoring of the extent of cabotage occuring in the country has taken place.
An NME article about ongoing post-Brexit touring frustrations was raised in Parliament today.
Touring artists expecting a "rocky road in the summer" as more problems emerge.
Boris Johnson had previously promised to "fix" issues around visas so UK musicians could tour the continent permit-free.
Grant Shapps has announced policy aimed at foreign lorry drivers to help ease supply chain problems.
"Let's be clear, shortages right across the country, shortages of fruit pickers, shortages of builders, shortages in terms of lorry drivers: all of that is down to Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Priti Patel, Dominic Raab and the promises they made to the British people," David Lammy said.
Published by Arts Council of Northern Ireland in May 2021 (updated July 2021).
Boris Johnson vowed Brexit minister would ‘fix’ problem - but peer insists it’s down to more junior departments.
A new poll has shown that the majority of UK voters want the government to be doing more to solve the post-Brexit touring fiasco for musicians and crew, while campaigners have vowed that their “anger is not going away until they find a solution”.
Musicians and music businesses warn of ‘time up’ for UK grassroots acts, and European orchestras being resistant to booking UK artists because of ‘paperwork and expense’.
A new survey by the Incorporated Society of Musicians has revealed how the Brexit Trade Deal has been a disaster for businesses such as tour operators, instrument manufacturers and retailers as well as those involved in recording, music publishing and sale of music. One performer even said ‘the era of being a UK-based concert artist is pretty much over’.
Radiohead's bassist has said he is "worried the UK government doesn't understand cultural capital", as the band joined calls for what the industry called a fair deal for UK concert hauliers.