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Incoming PM tells parliament he will ‘bring back billions of euros’ of EU funds, as MPs prepare to confirm his candidacy.
David Cameron has said Britain needs closer ties with the European Union, prompting fears the Brexit debate could be ‘reignited’. / The Foreign Secretary said the bloc is a ‘friend, a neighbour and partner’ and praised cooperation between the EU and the UK in supporting Ukraine.
Promise for aid comes after US Congress leaves Ukraine war support out of spending bill.
Leo Varadkar warns that Brexit, aid cuts and talk of abandoning human rights treaty ‘not the Britain I know’.
“Come Back Alive” is a Foundation providing competent assistance to the military. Since 2014, our key goal has been to make the Defense Forces more efficient, save the lives of the military and systematically counter the enemy.
When the war started on the 24th of February, the Embassy of Ukraine to the UK set up this platform to raise funds and provide humanitarian support to Ukrainian people in the areas directly affected by the war.
Since the start of the war, millions of windows have been blown out by bombs or bullets. Soaring energy prices and sub-zero winter temperatures make this an urgent problem as windows are a key component of good building insulation.
Differences meant rival diplomats were discouraged from talking to one another.
EU and UK businesses will face ‘inevitable’ extra costs while the post-Brexit trade deal remains in place, European Commission Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič warned on Monday (12 June), playing down the prospect of a major overhaul of the agreement.
Ukraine and Moldova are officially on the path to membership in the European Union. The EU approved their applications in record time amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and concerns that Moldova might be targeted next. But joining the EU is a complicated process that can take years, and there’s no guarantee either country will ultimately win a seat at Europe’s biggest table.
Economic hardship and war have not pushed Europe’s nations apart, but closer together.
The Conservative MP claims Brexit helped thwart Putin's Ukraine invasion. He is wrong.
Why heightened engagement is imperative for Net Zero.
Brexiteers must be sick of the sight of Alastair Campbell by now, after he delivered another brutal Brexit takedown.
Scottish Government will leave no stone unturned in its efforts to return Scotland to the European Union.
Promoter claims ‘catastrophe’ has cost it more than £88k and accuses British government of hypocrisy.
Eat turnips instead of tomatoes, Environment Secretary Thérèse Coffey has told Brits facing the vegetable shortage.
A FORMER States deputy says he was ‘fed up of watching and wanted to do something’ as he prepares to return to Ukraine just under three months since his last visit. ‘Brexit has made it difficult to move anything.’
Rightly, a central tenet of British foreign policy has long been to abide – and to expect others to abide – by international law.
A tense Brexit debate happened on TalkTV yesterday when a journalist said food shortages weren't impacting war torn Ukraine.
It is wrong to argue that the UK’s inability to return asylum seekers to the EU is driving the increase in the number crossing the Channel. / While there is evidence that Brexit is having an impact on small boat crossings, the migration data does not support Brooks’ analysis. Rather, it suggests that Brexit-related labour shortages with the potential for exploitation, is more significant.
Senior Italian government officials say that the economic and social turbulence in Britain that has followed the withdrawal from the EU has been eye-opening, writes Kim Sengupta.
After Brexit, some anticipated a shift in European sentiment and believed other members would follow the UK's lead. But 6 years on, the bloc seems more cohesive than ever and optimism is high. So why is this? And how did the EU become stronger than ever?