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More and more Brits are leaving the Brexit chaos behind -- and seeking their fortunes in France. But their home nation’s exit from the European Union means they now face a plethora of bureaucratic hurdles.
When I'm in France, the reactions I get from French people range from complete indifference to Brexit, through to slight feelings of sadness and pity at the UK’s self-imposed economic and social harm. In Italy, the sadness over Brexit is even more marked, and in this video, I’ll be looking at an article in Italian newspaper La Repubblica this week about the latest impact of Brexit.
The UK music industry may “shrivel and eventually die” unless the government gives musicians more support following Brexit, a Mercury Prize-winning band has told NationalWorld.
CAUSEWAY Coast and Glens councillors have been told international travellers may not bother crossing the border into Northern Ireland when controls are introduced next year. / Tourism NI chief John McGrillen was outlining the consequences of Brexit during a Q&A session following an online address to the chamber last Tuesday.
The UK Government has confirmed that it will withdraw from Euratom. But what does Euratom actually do? And what will happen when the UK leaves?
Nurses and midwives trained in India outnumbered their Filipino counterparts in the U.K. for the first time this year, as Asian workers fill vacancies in sectors from health care to agriculture seven years after Brexit triggered an exodus of EU citizens, recent figures show.
The Brexit fallout 13/07/2023
Brexit was unquestionably a disaster for the UK’s amusement and gaming industry, said the trade personalities that we asked. / “For our business it was a catastrophe. We lost most of our export trade almost overnight"
The UK is set to lose more millionaires than Russia in 2023, new analysis shows.
Guy Hands said the business outlook and investment case for the UK is only getting worse and that the country needs to reforge trading ties with the European Union to stop the rot.
The financier and former Tory donor says leaving the EU was a plan by the rich to make themselves richer and the poor poorer.
Move over Cornwall, more Brits than ever are making the move to West Cork.
Oxford and Cambridge universities, once given more than £130m a year in total by European research programmes, are now getting £1m annually between them.
Nine in 10 UK architecture studios feel Brexit has had a negative impact on them, exclusive Dezeen research has found. / Three years on from the UK's departure from the European Union (EU) on 31 January 2020, Dezeen conducted a survey of 50 architecture studios asking about their experiences of working post-Brexit.
The consequences of ending the free movement of people between Britain and the EU are becoming painfully clear.
Some of the brightest scientific minds are leaving the UK, as they lose access to European funding in the wake of Brexit, SkyNews has found.
Talks over the Horizon Europe funding programme have been stalled until other Brexit-related disagreements are resolved.
Scientists have warned the UK’s prominence in the world research field is at risk of “brain drain” after concerns for EU research funding will be dropped post-Brexit.
Research is at risk due to a "significant brain drain" as the industry's brightest talents relocate overseas in the wake of Brexit. / A total of 22 UK-based scientists have now decided to leave Britain rather than lose their EU research funding, as uncertainty continues around the future of Research and Development (R&D) support post-Brexit.
Four international scientists explain how a grant debacle stemming from Brexit has affected their research and career plans. / UK science suffered a significant setback in June, when the European Research Council (ERC) confirmed that 143 UK-based researchers would forfeit their prestigious ERC grants unless they relocated to a country in the European Union.
Maybe it’s time for the next Prime Minister to admit that immigration is not just essential, it’s desirable.
The Vice-Chancellor says failure to secure associate membership of Horizon Europe could do long term damage to UK universities.
More than 100 grants previously approved for applicants in Britain have been scrapped amid a continuing dispute over the UK’s refusal to fully implement trade arrangements made when the country left the European Union.
Fewer scholars from Italy, Germany, France and Netherlands working in British universities, says report.
Nineteen researchers to move to EU institutions while 115 forfeit grants as they stay in Britain.