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Developers and publishers discuss the challenges they face in securing talent from the Continent
Continuing the letter to Jacob Rees-Mogg, reminding him – he seems to need reminding – of the many new opportunities created by Brexit.
Dentists say staff have returned to their home countries in Europe after Brexit, and there are delays in bringing in new dentists from overseas.
The UK suffered an outflow of nearly 1,300 scientists in 2020, having been a net importer of academics in 2015, the year before the Brexit vote to leave the EU, OECD data shows.
They miss the trees, the curry, the friends … but most of all, they miss feeling the UK was somewhere they could call home.
A London headteacher has blamed Brexit after her primary school was forced to close because it lost half of its pupils.
EU citizens who abandoned Britain after Brexit tell us their motives for leaving.
Fast-forward nine years of dedication to his academic involvement in the UK, the university reader, a top rank in Britain’s academic system, felt the EU referendum announcement in 2016 was “an incredible regression in British political and cultural life”.
Shortages in the labour market, along with the vacancies in the health service, hospitality industry and agriculture, are the living evidence of this self-inflicted act
A government minister was unable to answer how many NHS staff have left the country due to Brexit in an embarassing interview on Wednesday morning.
“We’ve also lost all the EU dentists with Brexit, and that’s made a big difference,” said Ms Naylor.
Sebastian Przetakowski, who has worked in the industry in the UK for almost two decades, said he is currently fully booked up until next year and has to turn down work because he can no longer find bricklayers and carpenters.
"We don't want to become a musical Galapagos, with our musicians locked out of the cultural partnership which is so important for creative development." - @HarrietHarman at today's Westminster Hall debate on visas for musicians touring in the EU.
A Welsh bus company has warned that a dearth of drivers is causing problems for the industry.
My daughter is right: she should raise her children in Germany rather than Boris Johnson’s increasingly debased Britain.
A report from the Royal Bank of Scotland shows a near-record high number of vacancies with plummeting applicants.
First it was a lack of truck drivers that crippled gas stations. Now Britain is facing a shortage of food processing workers that’s become so severe farmers have started culling 120,000 pigs.
London is losing talent as financial markets fragment following Brexit, according to one the most prominent bankers at JPMorgan Chase & Co.
I was very much in love with Britain. My first encounter with the country, at the turn of the century, opened my eyes to a multicultural, appealing environment. Now I am leaving.
ANGUS Robertson has said that Brexit is the "biggest single factor" in the UK's supply chain crisis.
Some British scholars are following in their European peers’ footsteps in a bid to improve their research opportunities overseas
The U.K. wants to issue visas for truckers to ease a shortage that’s led to gasoline stations running dry and hit food supply chains. The hard part could be persuading drivers from eastern Europe, the biggest pool of labor in recent years, to come back.
Thousands of British petrol stations ran out of fuel due to panic buying on Monday, after days of long queues at pumps caused by the lorry driver shortage. Analysts say that, in addition to Covid, the speed of the Brexit process bears a lot of responsibility for the crisis...
Gas stations across Great Britain are running dry due to a post-Brexit shortage of truck drivers. The government announced a plan to issue 5,000 temporary visas for truckers.
Traditional Farm Fresh Turkey Association chair warns people are ‘missing whole host of workforce’.