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Frustrated opera star Bryn Terfel has revealed he had to travel from Austria to Slovakia to get a visa so he can perform in the Austrian capital.
EUROPEAN workers have not been interested in coming to Jersey since Brexit and additional planned population controls are likely to exacerbate the trend, according to Jersey Farmers’ Union president Peter Le Maistre.
Ministers are making “misleading” claims about the costs and red tape facing performers trying to tour the EU after Brexit, a parliamentary inquiry says.
"We spent £20,000 on a conversion. Now we wonder if it was worth it," he said. / A British immigrant in Spain has complained the area he lives in is becoming a ghost town because of Brexit.
Touring artists expecting a "rocky road in the summer" as more problems emerge.
A speech made by David Lammy in 2019 has cropped up again on the back of Brexiteer outrage over visa controls.
A Norfolk firm which has already been struggling with recruiting staff has faced extra pressures with absences due to Covid.
Boris Johnson had previously promised to "fix" issues around visas so UK musicians could tour the continent permit-free.
Only Spain has signed agreement, leaving artists mired in ‘mountains of red tape’ – with pressure on new Brexit minister Liz Truss to change course.
A British student is spending the festive season in Spain rather than with family – because Spanish red tape combined with Brexit means she cannot leave the country while her visa is processed.
Britain has been outside the EU’s legal regime for a year and has faced a number of impacts.
British travellers heading to Schengen EU countries will have to start paying a €7 visa fee by the end of 2022, the European Commission has confirmed.
Minister under fire for rejecting moves to bring in EU farm workers – as vegetable planting plunges 25%.
Negotiations have removed the need for additional visas, but unviable restrictions for British artists touring Europe are still in place.
With the pandemic worsening supply chain problems and UK worker shortages caused by Brexit, there’s a chance we may need to adapt our Christmas dinners this year.
Drinks industry reiterates concerns after minister refuses to provide latest on efforts to resolve HGV driver shortage.
Manchester United are set to name Ralf Rangnick as the club's new manager on an interim basis, with the experience German coach signing a six-month deal at Old Trafford.
A fast-track visa route for Nobel prize laureates and other award-winners in science, engineering, the humanities and medicine has failed to attract any applicants.
AS the Highland tourist season comes to an end, some hotels are closing early due to lack of staff. If the effects of Brexit are not mitigated by seasonal visas, next summer could be even worse, say workers.
"We don't want to become a musical Galapagos, with our musicians locked out of the cultural partnership which is so important for creative development." - @HarrietHarman at today's Westminster Hall debate on visas for musicians touring in the EU.
Government urged to consider youth mobility visa.
For 2021, national tourist board Visit Britain has forecast that visitor numbers will be lower even than in 2020, when travel restrictions were at their highest.
A Conservative peer has called on the government to introduce special immigration rules to fix a shortage of au pairs.
Recently announced visa rules in Spain mean emerging artists can no longer afford to play there. Now Then explains why.