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The Spanish Prime Minister has announced plans to end the so-called 'golden visa' scheme in a major blow to thousands of British expats.
Japan this week started offering a digital nomad visa, which will allow Britons to work remotely from the country for nine months without paying local income taxes.
In the UK it costs nearly twice as much as in France to secure a skilled worker visa for an overseas scientist. It costs roughly ten times as much as in Australia, and fifty times as much as in South Korea. The numbers are from the Royal Society, the UK’s leading scientists’ association, which is worried that what it calls a “punitive tax on talent”...
The UK music industry may “shrivel and eventually die” unless the government gives musicians more support following Brexit, a Mercury Prize-winning band has told NationalWorld.
Since the UK left the EU on January 1, 2024, the country has departed from the bloc and its member states in a number of different ways when it comes to air, rail and sea travel.
Brexit-supporting media outlets are having a tough time trying to wrap their heads around visa restrictions in France which are forcing some Brits to sell up and leave the country.
More than three quarters of British companies have reported that the trade agreement between the European Union and Britain has made it difficult for them to increase sales and grow their business, a British Chambers of Commerce survey showed. / "Brexit has been the biggest ever imposition of bureaucracy on business."
Little could be meaner than sacrificing our young people to promote a malicious form of British nationalism. But is that what’s happened?
Travel expert appeared on ITV show Lorraine to reveal border officials could snatch cheese or ham sandwiches at airports.
The British seasonnaire – a fixture of the European holiday scene from the mountains to the seas – is under threat. And it’s more than just a tragedy for perky young Brits looking to combine a lengthy holiday with a bit of paid work. It’s battering British firms which used to rely on UK staff to provide a home away from home for their guests.
“Embarrassing” dearth of applicants to part of flagship UK scheme aimed at prestigious prize-winners. / A fast-track visa route for prize-winning researchers has attracted just three applicants since it launched two years ago, Research Professional News has learned.
UK expatriates have expressed regret at no longer being able to live in their houses in Europe after failing to obtain residency visas. None more so than those who voted for Brexit.
Touring musicians coming to Scotland are still struggling with "massively damaging" visa issues in the wake of Brexit, Labour's shadow culture secretary has claimed.
A 35-year-old graphic designer from Bristol told i he wishes he could ‘turn back time and vote Remain’.
The reality of Brexit is starting to hit us all - and even those who voted to leave the EU are getting upset.
“Car crash!” exclaimed managing director Andrew Varga, whose Brexit progress I have been following since the referendum. News of the latest Brexit U-turn landed on him on Tuesday out of the blue. All his years of preparation for a new UK product safety mark, all his thousands of pounds wasted, all the uncountable hours and effort were rendered pointless, at a stroke.
Greg Walter, from Winchester, says he feels betrayed as he and his partner are struggling to get visas to live in Italy. / A British couple in their sixties have bought a bargain €15,000 (£13,000) three-bedroom house in Italy for their retirement – but they cannot get a visa to live in it because of post-Brexit travel rules.
British tourists to European Union will need to get specific approval to travel for their holidays from next year. / New rules for the bloc mean foreigners will need more than just a passport to get into the continent. Tourists will need to apply to "Etias" from 2024 - a new system that authorises travel for countries that are visa-exempt, which includes the UK.
Brexit is going so well, the government now wants to undo some of its hardline policies. The Home Office is reportedly putting the groundwork in place to allow thousands of young workers from the EU and Switzerland to fill job vacancies in the UK.
The travel permit is designed to keep track of visitors who don’t need a visa to enter the Schengen Zone but also do not have freedom of movement around Europe - soon to include Brits.
Bricklayers and other construction jobs added to list alongside care workers and engineers.
MAC has warned replacing freedom of movement with a points-based immigration system after Brexit could cut economic growth.
There has been an “untold increase” in the number of wealthy Brits paying for golden visas and citizenships in Europe.
Wales and the rest of the UK should re-join the single market to undo the economic damage caused by Brexit, Plaid Cymru has said.