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Points-based system will have 'potentially disastrous consequences' in high-vacancy sector and government suggestion that gaps be filled by UK workers earning higher wages rubbished.
For some weeks the British government has been planning a “shock and awe” campaign to warn British businesses that they have less than six months to prepare for Brexit; but the EU has beaten them to it.
Brexit will never be over.
But all is not lost – sign the petition now to grant British artists a Musicians’ Passport. Andrew Trendell investigates how Brexit could wreak havoc on the touring industry.
Artists must also prove they have nearly £1000 in savings before applying.
More than two-thirds of musicians say bookings dried up because of visa red tape and cost – even before coronavirus struck
Home Office accused of refusing to listen to £111bn-a-year culture sector – just weeks after a minister admitted government must retain free movement
THE IRISH passport is currently more powerful than a British one, according to a newly-published global passport ranking.
Henley Passport Index ranks passports around the world according to visa-free travel, with Japan topping the 2019 list.
A Norfolk farmer fears fruit and vegetable operations like his could go bust if new immigration rules close the door to migrant workers who harvest and pack their crops.
The hospitality industry has responded with disdain to new government plans that will make it harder for EU citizens to get UK visas.
Home Office pours cold water on artists’ hopes of retaining free movement between the UK and the EU.
High cost of entry under immigration overhaul will put off applicants, says thinktank.
Nicola Sturgeon calls for immigration powers to be devolved as industry bodies condemn proposals.
Proposal floated as part of crackdown replacing free movement with minimum salary threshold of £25,600 and EU citizens may have to provide fingerprints.
Shortened trade talks will result in ‘flimsy’ deal, former British prime minister says
The Morrison government has baulked at expanding a new post-Brexit trade pact to include visa-free work and travel between Australia and the United Kingdom, arguing any special deal that circumvented existing immigration caps could be deeply unpopular in both countries.
First minister says country needs strategy to tackle falling birth rate and Brexit impact.
Chief minister Fabian Picardo says it does not ‘make sense’ for the territory to be cut off. / Gibraltar is considering joining the EU’s Schengen open borders area to limit disruption caused by Brexit, its chief minister has said.
EU teachers are likely to face fees of £4,345 to work in the UK for five years after Brexit in a move that will worsen an existing recruitment crisis, ministers have been warned.
Experts quick to point out similar system will exist for Britons visiting Europe after Brexit.
Bands, theatre groups and sports clubs could be badly hit by need for visas, carnets and documents.
With a month to go, here is everything you need to know about travel in the event of a no-deal Brexit.
High cost of visas and other charges is worsening NHS staffing crisis, warn medics.
Nobel prize winner leaves as reality of disconnecting from EU funding network sets in. / A no-deal Brexit looks set to undermine the UK’s position as a world leader in international research and is already starting to cause damage according to a number of prominent scientists working in Britain.