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After holding off some formidable competition, Michelle Mone has claimed the coveted title of The New European’s Liar of the Year for 2023.
Grant Shapps has claimed that he voted for Brexit - despite repeatedly insisting previously that he had backed Remain.
Grant Shapps made quite the blunder last weekend, after the Welwyn Hatfield MP said he voted for Brexit despite previously claiming he voted to remain.
Grant Shapps has stressed the importance of post-Brexit controls on work visas after government sources confirmed that ministers are braced for a record increase in immigration figures this month.
We have reached a watershed moment in the long Brexit saga. The government’s U-turn this week on the Great Repeal Bill has laid bare the great elephant-sized conundrum that has always been at the heart of Brexit: identifying any significant EU laws that were both holding Britain back and can be ditched without damaging our own economy.
The former chancellor said the Conservatives, Labour and national broadcasters "won’t talk about it", but the split with the EU is to blame.
Joe Biden’s climate change plan isn’t a threat to the UK, it’s an opportunity.
A leading Ikea executive on Thursday said Brexit had caused “chaos”, as a senior UK minister admitted in Davos that Britain’s departure from the EU had brought “significant challenges”.
IoD and unions among groups writing to government, saying move would cause business chaos, harm rights and threaten environment.
ANGUS Robertson has urged the UK Government to push back their "bonfire" of Brexit laws until 2029.
Brexit has caused sadness far and wide, but for very many musicians who are only just beginning to emerge from the Covid-induced touring dearth, Brexit has been a disaster. A survey conducted by musicians in 2021 revealed that 34 per cent of musicians had already lost work as a result of Brexit. A violinist said, “I am professionally paralysed by Brexit.”
Meanwhile former Cabinet minister George Eustice questioned the negotiating strategy that led to the Australia and New Zealand trade deals.
Brexit has "permanently damaged" the UK economy, former Bank of England policymaker Michael Saunders warned as London was deposed as Europe's biggest stock market.
The UK delayed the roll-out of new post-Brexit product safety marking in order to stave off extra costs for companies that are already under pressure due to rising inflation and expected tax rises.
Businesses had protested that the ‘UKCA’ quality mark represented pointless and costly red tape.
The UK government’s post-Brexit plan to ditch all EU laws by the end of next year have fallen further into jeopardy, after civil servants discovered 1,400 more pieces of retained legislation.
HOLYROOD has been urged to withhold consent to the UK Government's so-called Brexit freedoms bill. / The plans to scrap at least 2,400 laws carried over from the UK’s 47-year membership of the EU have proved controversial.
British firms are yet to see any upside from Brexit, according to one of the UK’s top executives, who urged Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to improve the trade agreement with the European Union to boost growth.
A company that praised Brexit as "excellent" for business is now near collapse after the government rejected a £30m ($34m) advance.
'This government couldn’t run a sweet shop', says Michael O’Leary,
The airlines asked for help from the government to ease their staff shortage situation, but were turned down.
Staff shortages causing havoc at airports across the country have been blamed on Brexit.
Jacob Rees-Mogg says we should ignore an EU push for speed limiters in cars - but it has the potential to save more lives than seat belts.
The government’s plan to slash flight compensation for delays on UK domestic flights has been branded as “another Brexit win”, as it would impact on consumer refund rights.
Grant Shapps has announced policy aimed at foreign lorry drivers to help ease supply chain problems.