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Capacity at London St Pancras is down by one-third because of extra passport checks – meaning fewer seats and higher fares.
IRISH passport holders in Northern Ireland have increased by two-thirds, according to the latest census.
The new checker has been developed by experts and offers correct information to British passport holders, completely based on the EU’s entry rules to different countries.
Europe-bound trains won’t stop at Ashford and Ebbsfleet International stations for at least ‘two to three years’.
This checklist from the travel experts at ABTA will tell you the recent changes you should be aware of before jetting off.
Shirelle Quinn and her son Freddy were due to fly to Alicante in Spain.
Kate Barke had to say goodbye to her children at the gate just 15 minutes before their Ryanair flight was due to take off for Palma de Mallorca due to new Brexit rules.
As small businesses crumble, shelves get emptier and the care-worker shortage intensifies, life outside the EU is having a dire effect on many of us. Why aren’t politicians talking about it?
The fall of the British Passport “In 2010, it was ranked as the most powerful in the world. According to the Henley Passport Index, we could visit more destinations without a prior visa than any other nationality.” Now it’s 13th.
"Almost as if becoming a third nation country and abolishing freedom of movement within the EU and Schengen zone was a bad thing."
There's one thing that the two candidates locked in a bad-tempered battle to be Britain's next prime minister agree on: Brexit is nothing to do with any of the woes facing the UK right now. / The inconvenient truth, as the head of the port of Dover has confirmed, is that Brexit has indeed contributed to the chaos.
Scientist Dr Bob Banks was due to travel to Milan with his wife, Gillian, for a long overdue break, but weren't allowed to board their flight over new passport rules... and are up to £5,000 out of pocket.
A mother-of-two from Cornwall has warned holidaymakers to double check post-Brexit rules before they travel, after confusion over her passport’s expiry date caused her to miss a £2,000 holiday to Portugal.
Over the last weekend, the Port of Dover has handled almost 142,000 travellers, many of whom have been forced to wait for hours to cross the borders into France.
UK and French officials in war of words as holidaymakers hit by long delays.
Liz Truss has hit out at the French authorities for the border chaos, but the government rejected an offer to double the number of passport booths in 2020.
The UK cabinet office has rejected a £33m proposal to double the capacity for French government passport checks at Dover, dooming UK passengers to long delays at the border post-Brexit.
"Since brexit it's been necessary to have every single passport stamped at Dover... and as a result of that everything takes much longer..."
Port of Dover boss Doug Bannister has told LBC that it's "absolutely true" that Brexit is ultimately to blame for the extreme delays at the port of Dover because passports require extra checks.
The Port of Dover has declared a "critical incident" due to five-hour queues leading to the ferry terminal and people are blaming Brexit.
The Port of Dover has attacked the French authorities for “woefully inadequate” border control staffing which is ruining the summer getaway for thousands of families.
Boris Johnson’s planned cuts will worsen delays on passports and driving licences, union warns.
EU school groups are opting to travel to Ireland instead, says UK tourism association.