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Billionaire founder of think tank that advocates leaving single market obtains right to work anywhere in Europe.
Outward migration also rises significantly, with emigrants prepared to take more risks.
Migration from UK to Europe states averaged 56,832 people per year from 2008-15, but climbed to 73,642 a year from 2016-18.
The end of 2020 marks the end of the Brexit transition; from next year, British travellers visiting countries in the European Union will encounter a number of changes. Here’s everything you need to know.
British travellers face the worst possible outcome once the Brexit transition period ends, the government has confirmed.
It was to be a symbol of the UK as a newly independent nation, cut loose from the tyranny of Brussels and EU bureaucrats demanding our bananas are a certain shape.
A total of 6,250 people from the UK became German nationals in 2018, a rise of 950 per cent on pre-referendum numbers.
Boris Johnson’s father Stanley is applying for a French passport to allow him to work and move freely throughout Europe after Brexit.
Boris Johnson's father is in the process of applying for a French passport to maintain his ties with Europe after Brexit.
EU nationals’ passports lost and ID cards sent to wrong addresses in ‘concerning’ data breaches, report finds
THE IRISH passport is currently more powerful than a British one, according to a newly-published global passport ranking.
Residents of Japan and Singapore possess the world’s most powerful passport, a new report has revealed, while Britain has fallen from joint 12th to joint 15th place.
Henley Passport Index ranks passports around the world according to visa-free travel, with Japan topping the 2019 list.
DOZENS of British officials working in the European Commission have secured an Irish passport in order to maintain career progress within the EU institutions after Brexit.
More than 350,000 UK citizens have opted to apply for post-Brexit insurance policy since 2016.
The UK government says Gibraltar cannot independently negotiate a passport-free travel deal with the EU after Brexit.
For all the reassurances about their status, the risk of being kicked out still haunts those without a British passport.
The number of applications spiked as the missed Brexit deadlines in March and October were approaching.
Experts quick to point out similar system will exist for Britons visiting Europe after Brexit.
The number of applications for Irish passports coming from people in the UK have soared with the Brexit deadline right around the corner.
With a month to go, here is everything you need to know about travel in the event of a no-deal Brexit.
Billionaire founder of think tank that advocates leaving single market obtains right to work anywhere in Europe.
Boris Johnson, Britain's newly-crowned prime minister of the U.K., was born in New York City and only recently relinquished his American passport when the Internal Revenue Service chased him for unpaid taxes.
The government has reportedly scrapped plans to end freedom of movement on 31 October after being told by lawyers that imposing the rule change on EU nationals could scupper no-deal planning and leave ministers at risk of legal action.