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What will be the impact of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU on food standards in the UK?
With inflation set to rise, alongside the cost of shopping and transport, the economic fallout will squeeze Britons’ budgets.
Sugar cane importer Tate & Lyle Sugars, which was very vocal in supporting the campaign to Leave the European Union, is set to benefit from several government measures. / Former Brexit secretary, David Davis, worked for Tate & Lyle Sugars for almost two decades.
"All this will do is provide a free subsidy for cane coming into the UK at the expense of UK farmers" /
Developments in sugar exports of African, Caribbean and Pacific countries. / The United Kingdom (UK), the main European importer of sugar from ACP countries, decided to leave the EU in March 2019. How will Brexit affect the ACP countries, given the already ongoing changes in the EU sugar market?
The government has been warned to abandon its proposed tariff-free quota for raw cane sugar imports because of its potential to undercut UK growers.
East Anglia’s sugar beet farmers fear an “unjustified and unnecessary” new zero-tariff quota on imported cane sugar could expose them to unfair competition from less-regulated overseas growers.
Company denies ‘sweet deal’ that will import sugar cane from countries with lower employment and environmental standards.
Greenpeace investigators say the firm, which also donated to the Conservatives, will be sole beneficiary of rule changes on importing raw cane sugar
The vote to leave the EU has sparked a clash between sugar-cane importers and farmers producing homegrown sugar beet. Is this bitter skirmish a microcosm of the big battles to come?