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Brussels official says UK has ‘non-regression obligation’ to protect waters as part of trade deal.
The UK is threatening health and marine life on the French coast by allowing raw sewage to be dumped in the Channel and North Sea, say three Euro MPs.
Environment secretary George Eustice wants to tear up a key piece of European law that environmentalists say protects cherished habitats in the UK.
Conservative MPs have urged the government to use its Brexit freedoms to ditch the EU’s cautious approach to making sure pesticides are safe for human consumption.
Strategy described as ‘missed opportunity’ as final wording merely commits to ‘considering’ animal welfare.
It is hard to dispute the idea that London did not prioritise finding a solution to the Brexit problems facing Northern Ireland, a former top Stormont civil servant has said.
Institute of Government says there is more work for the Civil Service to do now that the UK has left the EU
Ministers admitted the industry's "reliance on foreign workers" hadn't been solved after Brexit.
There has been no progress made by Defra and the horticulture industry in securing permission for UK growers to export currently prohibited plants to the EU.
PROPOSALS by Edwin Poots' department for post-Brexit support for agriculture could threaten the livelihood of hundreds of small farmers, according to the chair a Stormont committee.
Farmers have held a protest outside government offices in York over claims the pig industry is at risk of collapse.
One year after Brexit, Scotland’s fishing industry is still mired in chaos, leaving many businesses fearing for their future as deliveries to Europe continue to be snarled in costly red tape and delays.
European media responded with shock and disbelief this morning after a minister in Northern Ireland ordered to end checks on food in his country and the UK declared it won’t do anything about it.
The “blind optimism” shown by UK government ministers in their plans for the future of England’s farms could result in many small and tenant farmers being forced out of business, a parliamentary report has warned.
A new parliamentary report warned the “blind optimism” shown by Tory ministers could force many small and tenant farmers in England out of business - but environment secretary George Eustice insists UK farmers are better off since Brexit.
MPs on the Commons spending watchdog have accused Environment Secretary George Eustice of “blind optimism” to suggest otherwise.
Government scheme to replace EU agricultural payments fuelled by ‘blind optimism’ and still lacking crucial details, say MPs.
As changes wrought by Brexit slash and burn £1.8bn of direct payments to English farmers by 2027, experts warn that government optimism over agriculture in England is dangerously misplaced.
The government is planning to water down the regulatory requirements on key chemicals, in what experts fear could be the first move to a weaker post-Brexit safety regime for potentially toxic substances.
Mark Tufnell says many farmers are reluctant to trust government as changes to subsidy payments loom.
Ruptures have once again emerged across government over the direction of the UK’s post-Brexit trade policy, with environment secretary George Eustice raising concerns about a potential deal with India.
THE UK minister responsible for fishing rights has been urged to explain why a Scottish vessel was detained in France.
Government must engage more coherently with farmers, or new plans will ‘fall at first hurdle’, committee warns.
The Brexit trade deal hailed as a £148 million boost to the UK fishing fleet over the next five years will instead punish the industry to the tune of more than £300m, a new report says.
It comes as the Brexit "divorce bill" negotiated by the PM is up to £5 billion higher than the UK government expected.