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The increases would come from hefty tariffs on imports and the cost of increased border checks on food coming into the country.
Admission lays bare limited benefits of ‘ambitious’ agreement with Donald Trump.
If the UK keeps high standards it could ruin the chance of getting a trade deal with the US.
"To sign up to a trade deal which results in opening our ports, shelves & fridges to food which would be illegal to produce here would not only be morally bankrupt, it would be the work of the insane."
Only one in 10 voters wants the UK to abandon European regulations on the environment, labour market and food safety, according to a poll.
Prime minister told that allowing in ‘food which would be illegal to produce here would not only be morally bankrupt, it would be the work of the insane’
The UK's famous sausages, from Cumberland to Lincolnshire, stand to suffer if the government doesn't act.
The U.K. is due to lose the ability to sell fresh sausages to the European Union after Brexit, a sign of the economic upheaval that comes from quitting the bloc’s single market.
Post-Brexit transition border checks could cause fresh food supply problems, an industry body has warned.
'This is going to hit us in January....customers are really going to see the problems on supermarket shelves'
Britain's farmers fear Boris Johnson's government will trade away British food standards in Brexit trade talks with "fearsome" US negotiators, the main group representing farmers in the UK has told Business Insider.
Guy Hands, Terra Firma Capital Partners chairman and chief investment officer, discusses the impact of Brexit on U.K. exports, investment strategy, and the influence of environmental, social and governance issues on the firm's mergers and acquisitions.
Scottish foods that are sold in Europe could be hit by a 50%-plus price hike following Brexit, it has been claimed.
The Chancellor has warned there will be no alignment with EU regulations after Brexit - despite a pledge being made in the North East by Boris Johnson that standards would be protected.
‘Prepare for the worst’ EU officials tell business after Sajid Javid’s FT interview.
Dire warnings from British industries after Chancellor Sajid Javid admitted businesses will be hit, exposes why the Prime Minister focuses on the trivial.
The PM's EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill not only drives the hardest Brexit of all, it shuts MPs out of negotiations on the UK's future relationship with the EU
Industry leaders have warned politicians must take food security more seriously after the UK plunged fourteen places in a prestigious global league table.
Opposition leaders are using Donald Trump's visit to the UK to raise concerns about the terms of a post-Brexit trade deal with the US.
These businesses have been a part of British history for 200 years. But with persistent restaurant staff shortages and plans to shake up the industry, time is running out for them.
BORDER checks between Scotland, England and Wales could be required because of varying food standards after Brexit, academics have warned.