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Ministers have approved the emergency use of neonicotinoids against the advice of their own experts in a move branded ‘unacceptable’ by environmental groups.
Environment Secretary Therese Coffey said the British government can't force people to do specific jobs. / The exchange came as MPs were asking the environment secretary how farmers can get more labourers to work in fields to prevent food rotting in fields.
There are more EU era environmental laws to review after Brexit than had been previously known, the environment secretary has suggested.
The government has already scrapped 140 European environmental regulations since Britain left the EU, Thérèse Coffey has said.
Opposition to the retained EU law bill is mounting, as the government discovers the importance and popularity of EU law.
Thousands of people say their rights have been compromised despite government promises.
Vote Leave chief Matthew Elliott, who is credited with several successful political crusades, is on the Free Market Forum's advisory board
EU citizens rights campaigners The3Million have said that “numerous” EU nationals are being refused Universal Credit because of their settlement status.
THE Scottish Government has requested several changes to benefits from Westminster to prepare for a No-Deal Brexit.