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The government will need to hire at least one new negotiator every day until June to plug the staffing gap, in a situation branded "farcical and a real risk".
Michael Gove has endorsed claims that up to 50,000 people will be recruited to carry out customs paperwork under the government's preferred trade deal with the EU. This is after his promise in 2017 that a vote for Brexit would mean cutting the costs of EU red tape.
A 19th Century trade agenda will decimate the most productive parts of the 21st Century economy.
Shortened trade talks will result in ‘flimsy’ deal, former British prime minister says
‘If the government thought it had a very strong case they would publish these studies ... it’s an indication that there’s nothing there’
Guy Hands, Terra Firma Capital Partners chairman and chief investment officer, discusses the impact of Brexit on U.K. exports, investment strategy, and the influence of environmental, social and governance issues on the firm's mergers and acquisitions.
Former Brexit secretary David Davis has claimed he 'misspoke' when he previously said there would be a trade deal with the EU ready for the day the UK leaves the trading bloc.
EU-Mercosur deal in trouble, following Wallonia’s previous rejection of EU-Canada deal.
Leaving the EU confronts my former colleagues with a greater challenge than Whitehall has faced for generations.
Spoon-bending psychic Uri Geller has called on Dominic Cummings to hire him - because he thinks he can secure post-Brexit trade deals.
The PM's EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill not only drives the hardest Brexit of all, it shuts MPs out of negotiations on the UK's future relationship with the EU
‘On both sides, we should seriously consider whether the negotiations are feasible in such a short time,’ says Ursula von der Leyen
Britain was a traditional obstacle to an agreement, because of immigration and Scotch whisky.
Tokyo and London seek to quickly seal a post-Brexit deal to take effect 2021.
No deal Brexit is not the end. It’s only the beginning. To the no-deal Brexiters who say, ‘I just want to leave” or “leave means leave”: you do realise that we will be trying to get a new deals the minute we leave, don’t you?
Philip Hammond - Tariff free trade deals would only contribute a tiny amount to our GDP... so we must quash "this myth that third country trade deals will solve all our problems"
"I do worry that people are starting to imagine that a trade deal with Australia is somehow a substitute for being on the doorstep of a market with 500 million people, it's not" says former Australian PM Julia Gillard.
German chancellor warns of economic threat if UK fails to match EU standards.
France and Ireland say they will not ratify a huge trade deal with South American nations unless Brazil does more to fight fires in the Amazon.
Brazil’s handling of forest fires set to top agenda of G7 countries at meeting in Biarritz this weekend