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From the outside, nothing much has changed yet. From the inside, however, the UK has undergone a radical and at times ugly transformation. The June 2016 referendum has helped set off a chain of events that has impacted many aspects of life in the country.
Labour says the government "fiddling while Rome burns" as business groups complain they were ignored.
It comes after a searing article by former chancellor Philip Hammond about the PM.
Worst case forecast ‘now less severe’ but Britain could still face soaring unemployment and inflation, says governor.
Boris Johnson downplaying economic risks for political gain, say bank’s economists in scathing assessment of government’s strategy and its impact
A 0.2% contraction between April and June was weakest since fourth quarter of 2012.
Real household incomes have fallen by 0.5 per cent over past two years amid pound’s slide and welfare cuts.
The damage to the UK economy due to Brexit has cost £66 billion ($86 billion) so far, and left the United Kingdom teetering at the brink of a new recession, according to economic data published last week.
The UK has experienced a sharp slowdown in income growth while inflation has risen, warns the Resolution Foundation think tank.