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The food inspection team at Britain's biggest container port says the lack of clarity around post-Brexit checks on imported food puts them in a "difficult position".
Faced with opposition from the House of Lords, the government backtracks on plans for the biggest ever change to our laws. So, what now? / Few things illustrate the absurdity and irresponsibility of Brexit better than the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill (REUL).
CPTPP member countries have a combined population of 500 million and GDP of £9 trillion. For reference, although the EU is a similar size, with a GDP of £11 trillion, the value of our total trade to the EU is much higher, at £557 billion.
Goodbye, food standards. Hello, corporate lobbyists. Why are we doing this, for no real economic benefit?
A trade body representing UK baby food suppliers has said it will continue to manufacture to EU standards on arsenic residues.
Food businesses are waiting on tenterhooks to see what changes the UK Government will make to regulations and standards following Brexit. But how are food safety bodies such as the FSA planning to mitigate industry pressures?
New EU rules on food safety have highlighted how the Windsor Framework will change the operation of the Northern Ireland Protocol.
A recent secret cross-party summit sought to discuss the failures, benefits and remaining opportunities of Brexit. I’d argue it’s high time we left Brexit behind. Not in the sense of rejecting a future relationship with the EU – we need that. But in the sense of those, especially in government, clambering to tell a positive economic story of our departure from the EU.
Thousands of EU laws could expire at the end of 2023.
Today, MPs will debate and vote on the Retained EU Law Bill which if passed, could endanger thousands of rights and protections in the UK.
THEY say a week is a long time in politics – and this week has certainly felt it! Intent on further undermining the devolution settlement and Scottish democracy, the UK Government is pushing ahead with its flawed Retained EU Law (REUL) Bill later today.
The MPs have joined a cross-party group calling on ministers to declare which Brussels-made rules will be removed from British statute books.
Ellie Newis reviews two of the flagship free trade agreements that were supposed to reignite the UK economy.
Erik Millstone examines the precarious nature of food safety in the UK after the Brexit referendum and points out that prevention is always better than cure.
A NEW law is making its way through Westminster which has the power to change the standards that ensure the food and drink we import is safe, protects animal welfare and keeps Scotland’s hard-earned global reputation as a trusted quality producer.
People are at risk of eating contaminated food if Rishi Sunak presses ahead with a deadline for scrapping EU regulations, the safety watchdog has warned.
While all eyes were on No 10 on Tuesday as Rishi Sunak became the UK’s new prime minister, down the road MPs were debating the Brexit Freedoms Bill – a piece of legislation that could have profound implications for public health and businesses alike.
The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has revealed it will be engaging with abattoir owners to help ease the shortage of veterinarians.
Authorities such as the Food Standards Agency (FSA) are struggling with a skills gap after the United Kingdom left the European Union, according to a report.
The Food Standards Agency described the current situation as "hand-to-mouth" when it came to recruiting and retaining vets in sufficient numbers.
British food safety and competition regulators are “struggling to recruit and retain the skills they need to regulate effectively” post-Brexit, according to a Westminster committee of MPs.
‘Potential consequences are deeply alarming’, says Chartered Institute of Environmental Health
A new piece of UK Government legislation designed to make it easier to repeal and amend EU law poses a ‘significant risk’ to Scotland’s ability to uphold high safety and food standards, according to Food Standards Scotland.
The government’s food strategy lacks detail or any plans for implementation, and it is contradicted by its other policies.
What will be the impact of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU on food standards in the UK?