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Ruptures have once again emerged across government over the direction of the UK’s post-Brexit trade policy, with environment secretary George Eustice raising concerns about a potential deal with India.
New EU food safety regulation – coming into force next March – is ‘concerning’ exporters, MPs told.
NHS costs, food standards and intellectual property rights must be protected in any deal by the UK to join a major international trade agreement, a Lords committee has told ministers in a new report.
An animal welfare representative said the government is showing signs that there will not be proper protections against animal testing post-Brexit.
No hint of contrition or constructiveness in article by Lord Frost and Brandon Lewis... just menace.
Lord Adonis, the Labour former cabinet minister, was a guest speaker alongside David Gauke, the former Conservative cabinet minister, for the event held to mark five years since the EU referendum, which was hosted by our chief political commentator John Rentoul .
The UK’s trade agreement with Australia led to British farmers and associations voicing concerns about unfair competition and a lowering of food standards.
EU commissioner says UK was instrumental in developing many of the EU’s rules.
Unilateral extension over checks on chilled meats likely to be rejected by Brussels.
Heinz's announcement that it was to start making ketchup in the UK again was widely hailed, but the UK's post-Brexit food and drink manufacturing sector still faces stern challenges.
Even the keenest Brexiteer must feel that the process has been tortuously long. / That has been, in large part, because successive British governments have refused to accept the trade-off between untrammelled sovereignty and friction-free access to the EU’s single market, a refusal that shapes today’s increasingly testy relationship.
A top European Union official said Wednesday that Britain could face retaliatory tariffs or other sanctions after talks failed to resolve an increasingly heated dispute over implementation of their post-Brexit trade deal in Northern Ireland.
Four hours of Brexit talks over Northern Ireland ended with 'no substantive agreement' - with the UK threatening to extend a sausage trading deadline while the EU threatened tariffs in return.
A senior European Union official has expressed frustration after talks with the U.K. broke up without resolving differences over the implementation of their post-Brexit trade deal in Northern Ireland
Brussels says London must backtrack or both sides will go down ‘a much more confrontational’ path.
One of Australia’s supposed key demands for a free trade deal with the UK – their agreeing to buy our hormone-treated beef – is “almost impossible” for the UK to agree to, according to a new report by an anti-Brexit think tank.
Lord Frost warns UK could walk away from elements of deal unless Brussels gives ground.
EU and UK locked in talks about food safety.
Organic food product sales from GB to NI are emerging as another difficulty created by the new Irish Sea border.
Labour expresses concern as government defeats efforts to enshrine food safety and animal welfare standards in UK law
Watchdog to finally get teeth to block chlorinated chicken and hormone-fed beef imports
MPs have overturned measures designed to protect domestic food standards in future trade deals, amid fears over chlorinated chicken.
The House of Commons is debating whether to accept Lords amendments to the Agriculture Bill
Charles Michel says British ‘face a dilemma’ over whether to lower regulatory standards.
An expert has perfectly demonstrated the hypocrisy surrounding Brexiteer outrage over trade talks between the UK and the EU in just 90 seconds.