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Cross-party group says it will take action if PM fails to order independent investigation.
A group of politicians are threatening legal action unless Boris Johnson orders an independent investigation into Russian interference in elections.
Labour queries why MP used unsecured account for classified government business.
The former Intelligence and Security Committee chairman speaks of his “frustration” and “anger” over the Russia report not being published last year.
A report by the UK Parliament Intelligence and Security Committee says the government was "slow to recognise the threat" posed by Russian, so did not take action to protect the UK from possible interference in the 2016 EU referendum.
Russia's attempts to influence British democracy and the potential vulnerability of parts of the UK political system to anti-democratic meddling during the EU referendum have been detailed in a report prepared by the US Senate, The Guardian reported.
Opinium poll for the Observer also reveals 47% of public think Putin’s government affected UK’s 2019 general election.
Former British ambassador to Moscow comments come after publication of damning report by Intelligence and Security Committee.
Intelligence and security committee publishes long-delayed findings on Russian influence over UK politics.
There are a grand total of 175 redactions in the report. Here are the key passages that have left us scratching our heads.
Long-awaited intelligence committee report says threat from Moscow was ‘badly underestimated’.
‘I do think this is rehashing a rather stale debate,’ says head of powerful foreign affairs committee – after Russia report found government ignored potential interference in 2016 vote.
Use of Twitter ‘bots’ and ‘trolls’ evidence of Kremlin attempts to influence vote, parliamentary report finds.
A long-awaited report on Russia's activities in the UK has concluded that the British government "took its eye off the ball" and failed to respond to Moscow's threat.
THE UK government “actively avoided looking for evidence that Russia interfered in the Brexit referendum”.
Russian accounts push views on Brexit, terror attacks and race as part of 'culture wars', expert says.
The Intelligence and Security Committee report said ministers did not respond adequately to threats of election and referendum tampering from Russia
Tory ministers and intelligence agencies did not do enough to investigate or protect the UK from possible Russian interference in the 2016 Brexit referendum, MPs have said in a long-awaited report.
The long-awaited Russia report was finally released today - and warns the UK 'took its eye off the ball' of a mounting threat, failing even to look for any interference in Brexit.
The long-awaited Russia report today refused to rule out Moscow interfering in the EU referendum - and called for a formal assessment. But the government has dismissed the calls out of hand.
The long-awaited report into the extent to which Russia has tried to influence UK democracy has been released - here are the key points.
The PM has refused the Russia report’s call to investigate possible interference by Moscow in the 2016 EU referendum.
Presented to Parliament pursuant to section 3 of the Justice and Security Act 2013 / Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed on 21 July 2020