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The department accidentally shared a list of applicants' email addresses and names after a staff member forgot to blind copy the recipients.
Victims of ‘administrative error’ say they are being treated as second-class citizens. / The Home Office has apologised to hundreds of EU citizens who applied for settled status in the UK after it accidentally shared their details.
Residential Landlords Association blames lack of clarity over settled status scheme. / EU citizens will face problems renting properties in the UK because of Brexit, private landlords have said.
London town halls are preparing to write to hundreds of thousands of EU citizens in the capital to tell them they can take part in European elections if they are held.
Support package launched amid concerns many in rural areas do not know they must apply for settled status.
MPs say existing laws that stop 10 million people voting should 'shame us as a society'.
We should abide by the democratic principle that there must be no taxation without representation. Five million people were wrongly disenfranchised and could not vote in the 2016 referendum. Voices for Europe and In Limbo sponsor this petition on behalf of EU citizens in the UK and Brits abroad.
Brits abroad and EU citizens could be stripped of their voting rights in local elections if we can't secure a deal.
EU children in the care of local authorities also face an uphill struggle, lawyer warns.
A government system to vet immigration applications from EU citizens who wish to stay in Britain after Brexit was hit by technical problems as it launched on Saturday.
'They knew this day was coming ... Why was it not prepared properly?' asks one EU national
In the time that has passed since the referendum took place in 2016, one thing has continuously stood out to me – the failure of politicians and commentators, both in the UK and the EU, to grasp the severely negative impact Brexit has already had on millions of people.
As I feared, it seems that European citizens in the UK face being stripped of many rights after Brexit
Free movement, housing and social security rights at risk, says parliamentary report.
More than 1 million EU citizens are set to be hit by call charges as they try to work out whether they can stay in the UK after Brexit, PoliticsHome can reveal.
Imagine that you have lived, worked, started a family and built a life in a country which you now call home. And all of a sudden, your rights to do all these things are questioned and soon going to change. Will life be the same?
Axel Antoni talks about EU citizens in the UK in Reading on 14th June 2018
The Home Office is refusing to reveal how it will use data collected from EU citizens applying to remain in the UK after Brexit.
Please listen to Corinne, the “proudest non-British Brit you can imagine” as she describes herself before the referendum and hear about her struggles now and how she lost all sense of belonging since that vote.
In less than a month the United Kingdom could leave the European Union, but more than a million British nationals will remain there — unwilling to let Brexit force them from the lives they’ve built on the continent.
EU nationals, living in Scotland, discuss having to register to stay in the country they call home.
The amendment tabled on Tuesday morning by the Tory backbencher Alberto Costa seeks to ringfence the rights of all British nationals settled in the EU as well as EU citizens in the UK, regardless of the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.
Her [Theresa May's] plans for EU citizens in a no-deal Brexit scenario has been criticised by Alberto Costa, a loyalist MP who works as a parliamentary private secretary for David Mundell, the Scottish secretary. Mr Costa will table a motion to protect the right of three million EU citizens in the UK and one million UK citizens in the event of no deal.
I could be deported to Poland if I’m denied settled status in the UK, because I stay at home to care full-time for my disabled son.
Efforts to encourage EU citizens to stay in Scotland after Brexit are to be stepped up, Nicola Sturgeon is to tell members of the French parliament.