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Campaigners for EU citizens have launched a scathing attack on Boris Johnson over his claims that EU nationals who made Britain their home have treated the UK like “their own” country for too long.
EU immigrants are the latest scapegoats in an election that demonises others to gloss over the Tory party’s own failure to create a prosperous and more equal society, writes Maike Bohn, co-founder of the3million.
EU migrants have been able to “treat the UK as if it’s part of their own country” for too long, Boris Johnson said yesterday as he reprised the core message of Vote Leave’s 2016 EU referendum campaign.
Minister says Labour proposal to enfranchise 2m EU nationals would be ‘assault on democracy’.
The PM said the Labour leader should reconsider plans to extend the franchise to EU nationals living in the UK if the vote goes ahead.
FoI reveals Home Office details on applications of EU citizens to stay in UK post-Brexit.
Experts quick to point out similar system will exist for Britons visiting Europe after Brexit.
If Boris Johnson really wants to solve the nursing crisis, he should keep the doors open to EU workers.
Figures compiled by the Liberal Democrats found that over 3,250 NHS staff from the EU have left the health service so far this year.
Three quarters of French nationals living in the UK have not signed up despite several Brexit extensions elapsing.
Opponents say remarks are ploy based on xenophobia to win Labour leave marginals.
There was a 13% increase in applications in October, ahead of the now lapsed Brexit deadline
EU citizens who miss the deadline to apply for residency after Brexit will only be granted leniency from deportation in exceptional circumstances, according to people briefed on the plans.
The Labour leader suggested he would not seek to introduce a new immigration regime for EU citizens.
The only way to protect your rights is to remain in the EU - that's why we will fight to secure a Final Say referendum on Brexit.
Around 600,000 EU nationals in the UK might not apply for settled status, with disastrous consequences, the3million spokesperson Maike Bohn writes.
As parliament goes through the process of calling a December election, MPs will also vote on an amendment that would extend the franchise to EU citizens.
A toolkit to support EU citizens who wish to stay in Scotland.
'Dear European Union citizens living in Scotland, ...'
Trini Clare Flores has run her translation business in Cardiff for 13 years.
The results were obtained by Freedom of Information requests submitted by the London Liberal Democrats and seen by Sky News.
UK citizens fear ‘consequences’ of British government’s announcements after Brexit.
Once you do it Brexit will become real, but until then you can just stay in denial, journalist Marie Le Conte writes.