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After Britain leaves the European Union some 900 Britons serving on local councils in France will also have to give up their seat at the table. / Britons in France have the right to vote in local elections and stand for election ... But in leaving the bloc Britain will forfeit that right ... British residents will no longer be able to represent the communities some have served for years.
Pro-EU group New Europeans which has championed a ‘European green card’ scheme to safeguard free movement rights post-Brexit is hoping for a boost after it received a prestigious European award.
Michel Barnier said in his letter to the Brexit secretary that citizens’ rights could not be picked apart from the withdrawal agreement.
FARMERS in Oxfordshire have revealed they are struggling to cope with a Brexodus of migrant workers.
Boris Johnson has vowed to withhold Britain’s £39bn Brexit “divorce” payment until the EU agrees better terms for the UK to leave.
Data shows only one in 10 EU citizens able to vote in some parts of Britain. / The government has been accused of “shocking complacency” over the European election voting rights controversy as new data revealed that as few as one in 10 EU citizens were able to cast their vote in some areas of Britain.
Chris, Tanja, and Axel Antoni offer a first take on last week's European election and its aftermath before examining in a bit more detail what led to the disenfranchisement of many EU citizens who were denied their vote, and what can be done about it.
Home affairs select committee urges government to change rules of EU settlement scheme. / The government has been urged by MPs to urgently change its policy on EU citizens in the country if it is to avert a “Windrush-style catastrophe” in the years after Brexit.
'Too many people could be missed out under the current plans for the settlement scheme arrangements' / Ministers risk repeating "another Windrush scandal" if the Home Office fails to get the detail of the contentious EU citizens' settlement scheme right post-Brexit, a group of MPs claim today.
Campaign groups prepare legal challenge following ‘systemic denial’ of suffrage. / The government is facing the prospect of being sued by campaigners for EU citizens in the UK and British nationals abroad who were denied a vote in the European parliament elections.
Constitutional Relations Secretary Michael Russell has called for an investigation into reports that EU citizens were unable to vote in the EU Parliament elections.
The government now stands at a crossroads, and the first step they must take is to expand full voting rights to every permanent citizen in the country.
itizens from EU countries living in the UK are being turned away at polling stations across the country. #DeniedMyVote
Thousands of angry voters posted on Twitter using the #DeniedMyVote hashtag to report they had been turned away from polling stations, despite believing they had registered to take part.
EU citizens living in the UK have told of their anger after they were unable to vote in the European elections.
Voters described turning up to take part in the European parliamentary elections only to find their name had been crossed out 'in red pen'.
EU citizens in the UK are being denied their democratic right to vote in the European elections because of administrative errors by local councils. EU nationals across the country have been reporting that they arrived at polling booths only to find their names crossed out with officials confirming they were not eligible to vote.
People are being turned away from European election polling booths due to admin errors. / A nationwide picture is emerging of EU citizens in the UK being denied their democratic right to vote in the European parliament elections because of administrative errors by local councils.
'At the polling station my British husband gets the ballot while I am simply told: "Vote in your own country!"' / Hundreds of EU citizens hoping to cast their ballots in the European elections have reported being turned away from polling stations.
Some are being told the problems are due to the election only being confirmed at the last minute. / EU citizens have reported being turned away at polling stations for the European elections, despite being registered to vote.
Two-step process for European elections ‘mishandled’ by authorities, says the3million. / Campaigners for non-British or Irish EU citizens have made a formal complaint to the Electoral Commission amid fears many of them will be unable to vote in the UK in this Thursday’s elections for the European parliament.
Government accused of failing to make clear an additional form must be filled in - just two days before voting. / Millions of EU citizens are demanding urgent action to stop them being turned away from polling booths at the European elections because of red tape.
Ezgi and Arthur Vissing say BA ‘puzzled’ by system as couple struggled to return from Turkey. / The first flaws in the new immigration scheme for EU citizens who want to remain in the UK after Brexit have been exposed after a couple who live in Oxford were blocked from getting a flight back from Turkey to the UK.