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Home Office refuses people EU settled status on grounds of eligibility for first time.
Domestic abuse victims and children in care among those affected by ‘last minute’ announcment of crucial funding, campaigners say.
Bloc’s first UK ambassador says right to remain for many vulnerable Europeans must be protected.
EU nationals’ passports lost and ID cards sent to wrong addresses in ‘concerning’ data breaches, report finds
European Commission wants a single physical document for all Britons living in the EU by the end of the transition period.
EU citizens and 'pro-Europeans' living in and around Leamington will soon be able to attend a monthly event in the town where they can get information and meet like-minded people. / The first Euro Café will be held at All Saints’ Church in Victoria Terrace on Saturday February 29 from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm.
Proposal floated as part of crackdown replacing free movement with minimum salary threshold of £25,600 and EU citizens may have to provide fingerprints.
Request caused by apparent tech glitch came when Italian Giovanni Palmiero applied to stay in UK post-Brexit.
EU/EEA & Swiss citizens help make our communities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Join us on a tour of our home.
Spain hosts the largest contingent of Britons on the continent, and their rights are protected by royal decree, but many fear what comes if the UK doesn’t uphold its side of the deal.
‘The way they have been treated over the past three years is shameful,’ says frontrunner.
A top French chef who moved to the UK in 1997 said he feels ‘unwelcome’ after he was refused the right to stay post-Brexit.
UK could be fined by the European Court of Justice which - to the likely fury of Tory MPs – will retain the power if there is 'any backsliding'.
Steve Barclay accused of "confusing" Europeans worried about their right to remain in the UK after Brexit.
London has been my home for more than forty years, but the emotional and financial drain of the last three years almost made me throw in the towel, writes Baboule.
Hard-fought EU withdrawal legislation now needs only Royal Assent to become law, clearing path for Brexit on 31 January.
Report finds EU citizens fear discrimination and loss of identity living in post-Brexit UK.
Peers also voted to provide EU citizens with physical proof of their right to stay in UK.
Peers back three amendments including right of EU citizens to physical proof of right to stay in UK.
Poll finds 90% of EU citizens in UK fear discrimination without evidence of rights after Brexit.
One in 10 Europeans in Britain have been wrongly told to provide proof of settlement despite it not being requirement until after Brexit, research suggests.
For all the reassurances about their status, the risk of being kicked out still haunts those without a British passport.
Questions raised about EU chief Guy Verhofstadt - after his claim of a partial climbdown is quickly rebuffed.