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Sian Norris reports on how delays to family permits for spouses, parents and children of EU nationals and British citizens in the UK are causing families untold emotional distress.
Over two million Europeans with pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) can become illegal migrants if they fail to apply for a residency permit in the UK or their application isn’t recognised, the authorities remind.
Oxford researchers warn design of scheme could see people lose right to stay in UK.
Developers and publishers discuss the challenges they face in securing talent from the Continent
The EU has accused the U.K. of failing to comply with its post-Brexit obligations toward EU nationals in Britain.
Romanian President Klaus Iohannis told British PM Boris Johnson on Tuesday that Romania's major priority when it comes to Brexit was protecting the interests of Romanian citizens in Britain.
“For many they may mean lost job opportunities, missing out on rental properties, being refused loans/or mortgages,” EU citizens campaign group In Limbo said.
EU citizens who abandoned Britain after Brexit tell us their motives for leaving.
Some European Union nationals who have failed to prove that they have applied for residence status in Britain even though they settled in the UK before the Brexit transition period risk losing their jobs, homes, and access to other public services.
Ireland’s deputy prime minister Leo Varadkar said the Irish will "absolutely be making their views known" on the matter.
After months of discussions, the authority overseeing the rights of EU citizens in the UK has launched a legal action against the Home Office over the treatment of 2.5 million people who should be protected under the Brexit deal.
“Are they going to break our family apart?"
Statutory body says 2.5 million EU nationals settled in UK have been put at automatic risk of losing rights.
Ryanair is planning to delist from the London Stock Exchange in coming months due to a fall in trading volumes there, executives said on Monday, dealing another blow to London's status as a global financial center after Brexit.
Ryanair is considering a potential delisting from the London stock exchange, following the UK’s ‘Brexit’ withdrawal from the European Union.
People unaware they need to input code on universal credit website could drop off system, charities warn.
Marco Digioia, general secretary of the European Road Haulers Association, said: “I expect many drivers will not return to the UK even if the UK Government allows them to.”
The number of European Union nationals who are living in the UK has fallen dramatically, figures show today.
Every now and then there are weeks when Brexit issues surge back to the foreground, and this has been one of them.
Brexit has doubled the cost of studying in the UK for Europeans, which means many more students are heading to Dutch universities, which offer multiple programs in English. That's caused hundreds to arrive at universities in the Netherlands this month without promised housing.
Some people cannot prove they are in the country legally because of glitch in digital residency permits.
The main reason for the drop is the knock-on effects of Brexit, which include significantly higher tuition fees and far more bureaucracy.
A significant number of EU citizens believe Brexit has made Britain "unrecognisable", a new study found.
People awaiting decisions having problems applying for jobs and moving house, say campaigners.
Some EU nationals in Wales may not be aware they need to apply for their children to be allowed to stay in the UK, according to charities.