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While the government has clarified that the UK will remain a party to the ECHR, as Mark Elliott observes, the Bill aims at ‘substantially decoupling’ the UK from it.
A European Court of Human Rights ruling stopped the flight. It is a totally separate institution from the EU.
Boris Johnson ‘shredding trust’ with three breaches of international law, former top diplomat warns.
The former UKIPer said Brexit 2.0 would be getting Britain out of the European Court of Human Rights... like Russia.
Boris Johnson was accused of “ransacking” Brits’ human rights tonight as he blocks fights against his government being heard in court.
Proposal to replace Human Rights Act with bill of rights is effort to make government ‘untouchable’, say critics.
With a potential trade war looming, Conservatives are stuck in an ever-more destructive disagreement over what Britain should look like outside the EU.
Cross-party group says government failed to investigate reported attempts to meddle in UK elections.
The government’s attack on the Human Rights Act is a betrayal of those Conservatives who helped create it.
Nigel Farage has been labelled a “liar” after he called on the UK to “scrap the EU Human Rights Act” – even though no such legislation exists.
Even limited agreement reached will be ripped up if UK pulls out of the European Convention on Human Rights.
Cross-party group files claim to force inquiry into Russian interference in UK elections.
Opt-out from parts of European convention would speed up deportation of asylum seekers.
Boris Johnson is planning to opt out of parts of the Human Rights Act, according to reports.
Cross-party group says it will take action if PM fails to order independent investigation.
Alternatives 'might need to be pursued', James Brokenshire tells inquiry - prompting demands to reveal how UK will be 'protected'.
‘The UK has been taking three steps back from the original commitments,’ says EU negotiator.
UK set to lose access to Schengen Information System that police across continent use to stop criminals.
We should remain within the ECHR to protect our legal rights.
The European Court ruled on Tuesday that the Russian government violated several articles in the European Convention on Human Rights over the course of its 11-month pre-trial detention and posthumous criminal conviction of Sergei Magnitsky.
Chief negotiator Michel Barnier warns of "serious difficulties" and accuses Britain of failing to engage on subjects laid out in the withdrawal agreement.
EU negotiator expresses frustrations at UK refusal to discuss key issues of transition. / Michel Barnier has suggested the UK is running down the clock in talks over the future trade and security relationship with the EU.