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Economic hardship and war have not pushed Europe’s nations apart, but closer together.
Rishi Sunak needs to grasp that ‘smart subsidy’ is what is powering our global rivals.
“It is an opportunity to set our sights on the future of our partnership and to focus on what brings us together", the invite notes.
The European Union – African Union Summit, which is taking place today, is an important milestone. European and African leaders must underline that we depend on each other. A prosperous African future is a prosperous European future, writes a coalition of MEPs.
Hungary will sign a trade and development deal between the European Union and African, Caribbean and Pacific states after it was promised amendments it sought, the Central European country's foreign minister Peter Szijjarto said on Wednesday.
Trade and investment relations with Africa are increasingly important to the European Union’s strategic goals
Confidence in Brussels has shot up in latest sign of Brexit regret. / The British public has more confidence in the EU than the UK parliament, a new survey has found in a remarkable turnaround of a trend lasting decades.
David Davis suggested the turn in fortunes could be because the UK media have stopped “kicking Brussels all the time”.
Brussels commissioner says bill breaches convention, as legal experts warn of risk to Brexit trade deal.
The UK is urging the European Union not to harm British companies as European leaders debate whether to match measures in the US Inflation Reduction Act with massive green subsidies of their own.
Three years after the UK officially left the EU, what can be learned by looking back at the Brexit negotiation process, and how has it impacted on the relationship between the EU and the UK?
After Brexit, some anticipated a shift in European sentiment and believed other members would follow the UK's lead. But 6 years on, the bloc seems more cohesive than ever and optimism is high. So why is this? And how did the EU become stronger than ever?
The European Parliament's 2022 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought has been awarded to the brave people of Ukraine, represented by their president, elected leaders and civil society.
Support for leaving the European Union has dramatically fallen across the bloc, much to the shock of Brexiteers.
The European Commission welcomes the swift adoption by the Council of the proposals to ensure the continued long-term supply of medicines from Great Britain to Northern Ireland and to address outstanding supply concerns in Cyprus, Ireland and Malta – markets that have been historically supplied through or by Great Britain.
Levy could raise €140bn, and energy ministers also set targets to cut electricity use.
Brussels has warned Britain not to break their post-Brexit trade deal by slashing regulation in its new drive for economic growth.
In 1992, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II addressed the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Her speech followed the signing of the Maastricht Treaty - the foundation of today's European Union. Drawing on the words of Winston Churchill, she paid tribute to those who rebuilt Europe in the wake of conflict and praised the Parliament as a leading democratic forum.
The European Union presidency has called for an international tribunal over Russia's invasion of Ukraine after the discovery of mass graves in the recently liberated Ukrainian town of Izium.
The EU has launched fresh legal action against the UK over its enforcement of post-Brexit trading rules in Northern Ireland.
European Commission says failure to apply customs rules in Northern Ireland “significantly increases the risk of smuggling”.
The European Commission has launched four new legal actions against the UK government for breaking parts of the Northern Ireland Brexit deal.
MPs backed Boris Johnson's plan to tear apart his own deal with the EU - which comes after he claimed he had 'got Brexit done'.