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'Hang on we were told the UK was first in line for a trade deal,' wrote one Twitter user.
EU and UK parliaments will each send 35 lawmakers to the joint assembly, which oversees the implementation of the Brexit trade deal.
The European Council on Tuesday approved a 5 billion-euro ($5.8 billion) reserve aimed at helping EU businesses tackle the short-term effects of Brexit.
"Bloody EU, promoting international train travel to save the planet," Best For Britain said.
Five years after Britain voted to leave the European Union, the bloc is still tied up in post-Brexit wrangling, reports policy correspondent Jon Stone.
The UK’s obsession with regulation autonomy has “strong implications", Luisa Santos said.
It comes as the bloc committed €5 billion to protect its member states from adverse economic effects caused by Britain's split.
The European Union has agreed to allow the United States, Canada and Norway to join one of its military initiatives aimed at speeding up the deployment of troops and equipment around Europe.
Dominic Raab says he wants to turn page on Brexit saga and treat EU with respect it deserves.
The European Parliament has branded Brexit a “historic mistake” as MEPs prepare to officially pass the Brexit trade deal later today.
The tenth round of Australia – European Union Free Trade Agreement (Australia -EU FTA) negotiations took place virtually from 9 – 19 March. Through more than 60 video conferences, we made substantive progress on a range of issues across the FTA and engaged on our respective market access interests.
Understanding why, when, and how the European Union (EU) and business interact will be crucial for UK policymakers and organised interests in the new post-Brexit world.
Free zones which are in operation in the customs territory of the Union, as communicated by the Member States to the Commission.
Ireland’s foreign minister dismisses request by DUP in escalating row over trade barriers in Irish Sea.
Event delayed after UK refuses to grant EU ambassador same privileges as other diplomats.
Scotland will continue to have "direct" relations with EU states as the country seeks to re-join the bloc as an independent nation, Constitution Secretary Mike Russell has told MSPs.
The European Commission today adopted an equivalence decision determining that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regime for US central counterparties (CCPs) is equivalent to EU rules.
THE fact that the European Union (EU) is consolidating its space programmes under a new agency that is being given an expanded mandate is not particularly good news for the UK space industry - at least as long as the current Johnson government remains in power.
The EU has again criticised the UK's decision not to give the EU ambassador to London full diplomatic status.
Three weeks after post-Brexit trade deal comes into force, Boris Johnson accused of being ‘simply petty’,
The government has been criticised for downgrading the diplomatic status of the EU's ambassador in London.
Foreign affairs chief raises concerns over UK refusal to grant EU mission full diplomatic status.
Foreign Office says EU should not be treated as nation state, despite 142 countries granting bloc this status.