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The head of NATO and a top European Union official on Monday invited U.S. President-elect Joe Biden to rebuild transatlantic ties and meet with Washington’s European allies next year.
The former prime minister warned that “complacency” and “nostalgia” are the routes to a national decline and that the UK’s global influence has relied upon history, fortified by membership of the EU and close ties to the US.
With 65 days to go until the UK leaves the EU single market and customs union, the approval rating of the EU leadership has never been higher among Britons, according to a new poll.
Contrary to recent reports, the European Union knows Britain could walk away and is preparing accordingly.
The EU’s foreign minister has slammed the violence against protesters in the wake of the presidential election in Belarus, calling the elections “neither free nor fair”.
Foreign ministers agree individuals responsible for vote-rigging and violence should face asset freezes and travel bans.
Iter is a collaboration between China, the EU, India, Japan, South Korea, Russia and the US - all of whom are sharing in the costs of construction.
The Database contains all the bilateral and multilateral international treaties or agreements concluded by the European Union (EU), the European Atomic Energy Community (EAEC) and the former European Communities (EC, EEC, ECSC).
Former senior officials also worry Britain may be sidelined if Joe Biden becomes president.
The European Union on Friday set up a unit of investigators to tackle an expected surge in finanial crime in the economic downturn triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic and crack down on defrauding of state subsidies.
As part of a new strategy to protect nature in the European Union, three billion new trees will be planted across the 27 member states.
The Treaties of the European Union are a set of international treaties between the European Union (EU) member states which sets out the EU's constitutional basis.
Luxury carmaker Bentley (VOWG_p.DE) said free trade with Europe not the United States was its priority as Britain negotiates its new relationship with the European Union...
Despite promises that the UK would be next in line for trade talks, Trump officials could end up entering fresh talks with the EU instead.
In both Britain and the rest of Europe, a frank and honest discussion is needed about what it means to be sovereign in a changing world.
Britain was a traditional obstacle to an agreement, because of immigration and Scotch whisky.
Boris Johnson given until 22 November to respond to infringement procedure.
Her warning marks a significant shift in tone on the EU and UK's relationship once Brexit is delivered since Boris Johnson became PM.
Ireland’s Leo Varadkar says PM’s pledge of no hard border contradicts written proposal.
Coreper, the European Council’s executive body, made up of permanent representatives to the European Union, has voted to back Romania’s former anti-corruption boss Laura Codruța Kövesi as the first head of the EU’s newly-created Public Prosecutor’s Office.
Brussels’ former top law officer has rubbished Boris Johnson’s extraordinary plan to sabotage the EU and make it ‘no longer legal’, arguing it makes no sense.
Move would allow members to draw on emergency fund for floods, fires and earthquakes.