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The Conservative Party accepted £200,000 from the wife of a former Russian finance minister under president Putin, just days after refusing to publish a report into Russian interference in UK elections.
'Get Brexit done is the biggest delusion of all' - Michael Heseltine launches scathing attack on Boris Johnson.
Cooperation vital in the face of twin threats posed by Isis and Russia, warns Andrew Parker
The refusal of the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to publish a bipartisan Parliamentary report on Russian involvement in the 2016 EU referendum is the latest development in a prolonged Brexit crisis that is eroding the UK's strategic credibility in the world.
Analysis of the political and strategic implications of Brexit crisis in UK for its standing amongst its traditional allies. Interview, Bruce Munro, Global Insight, ODT, 21 Nov. 2019.
Former Newsnight journalist John Sweeney has called for Ofcom to carry out an investigation into BBC News over its failure to broadcast reports on the “far-right, Russia and Brexit”.
Questions about the British government's failure to release a report on Russia's interference in the country's politics have continued to dog Prime Minister Boris Johnson as critics said leaks from the document raised concerns about the security of next month's election.
John Sweeney, a BBC investigative reporter, has turned whistleblower and filed a complaint against the corporation with Ofcom, the broadcasting watchdog.
Twitter accounts based in Russia posted 45,000 tweets about Brexit within the space of 48 hours during last year's referendum on EU membership, an investigation commissioned by The Times has found.
Prominent global Putin critics say British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision to suppress a parliamentary report into Russian influence is more evidence that the British political system is rotten when it comes to cracking down on Russian oligarchs.
Businessman who has given party more than £1.3m denies he is agent for Kremlin.
Russia's influence reaches deep into the British establishment and successive UK governments have turned a blind eye to it, lawmakers were warned, according to multiple sources familiar with testimony given to a parliamentary inquiry.
The Conservatives have denied deliberately blocking the release of the report by the intelligence and security committee.
A row has broken out over the publication of an intelligence report into Russian covert actions in the UK, with critics saying Downing Street is stalling on its release until after the election.
A new investigation reveals that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party has received a surge in cash from Russian donors over the past year, news that comes as his government continues to block publication of a report into Russian influence over recent elections.
‘This must not be allowed to happen again,’ committee chair says as parliament dissolves.
As Johnson accused of ‘cover-up’ over Kremlin interference, major new Russian donations to Conservatives revealed – despite previous Tory pledge to distance themselves from Russian money.
Senior Conservatives join calls for publication before election - amid new warning investigation could remain under wraps for six months.
An impassioned plea for the unity of Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals has been made by the former Soviet leader, Mr Mikhail Gorbachev. He concluded a wide-ranging address on the problems of the modern world with a call for the European Union to admit Russia to associate membership.
Intelligence and security committee chair says dossier has facts ‘germane’ to voters.
We had access to highly classified info. / Report is ready. / Redactions agreed. / PM has received report (17/10): signing off a formality. / What no.10 has said is a lie. / "Quite simply whopping untruths."
'We are as much spectators in this as you are,' security source tells The Independent, as government blocks publication of documents until after election.
Report assesses allegations that Kremlin-sponsored activity distorted result of 2016 vote.
PM is delaying publication of report assessing threat posed to UK, says Dominic Grieve.
EP Today using articles from Kremlin-funded outlet RT, says EU disinformation taskforce.