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Labour MP alleges Elizabeth Denham was warned by counter-terrorism officers and that ‘her office had to be swept’.
Banks is suing Guardian journalist for defamation over Brexit backer’s ‘covert relationship’ with Russia.
Unite's national officer for steel said the government needed to explain why the EU had a deal but the UK did not.
Top Tory Daniel Hannan has again rubbished the NHS, suggesting no sane person would support it.
The Brexit Party has been accused of “hypocrisy” over an unpaid bill of at least £22,000 after it refused to pay its debts despite an order from a Scottish court.
Lewis Silkin LLP partner Brinsley Dresden explains why brands should be careful of using nationalism to try to sell products.
A journalist has tried to smash the wall of silence around NI’s record political donation.
Another Brexit advertising campaign. They've replaced sporting events as signs of the changing seasons. Instead of Wimbledon or the Olympics, we get Michael Gove talking gibberish on television and further millions poured into preparedness exercises for an outcome with no tangible benefits.
The £4.5m advertising campaign will include plans to spur Brits into taking action to prepare for the end of the transitional period in December
Two European technology firms have taken out advertising space to promote their businesses, trolling Brits on their decision to leave the European Union at the same time.
Prime minister Boris Johnson is planning to 'love-bomb' Scotland with a £5 million advertising campaign to attempt to save the union.
We looked at breakdowns by analysts and the government on the money spent so far, and the estimates on what is still to come.
Publicity splurge was much-mocked at the time for leaving people in the dark about the preparations they should make.
And the Green Party is not happy about it.
HuffPost UK has learned that ministers authorised more than 20 adverts, paid for with taxpayers’ cash, to go live on Tuesday, the same day Boris Johnson got MPs to back a snap general election.
Twitter is to ban all political advertising on its site claiming the influence of such a message should be "earned, not bought".
The 'Get Ready for Brexit' media blitz cost an estimated £100m — but the National Audit Office suggests the ads failed to resonate.
Sean Topham and Ben Guerin have worked on campaigns for Australia’s rightwing coalition and Glencore mining firm.
'Nowhere, not even in the small print, does it mention that the law of the land may prevent a no-deal Brexit'
A presentation on Boris Johnson and his Brexit stance which was allegedly broadcast to hundreds of digital noticeboards in primary schools has sparked outrage among parents and MPs.
Stella Creasy MP challenged the prime minister over the content of a presentation allegedly shown in 3,000 schools around the country.
Pro-remain group’s website encourages public to redesign government campaign.