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Legal bid driven by concerns that process had been halted by ‘political sensitivities’. / A group including three MPs has begun a legal bid to challenge police over delays to the investigation into alleged offences by leave campaigners in the Brexit referendum.
The police force investigating alleged breaches of election law by Leave campaigners during the EU referendum could decide if they believe any offences were committed "within weeks".
Shahmir Sanni co-founded BeLeave, an offshoot of the Vote Leave campaign, during the EU Referendum. He turned whistleblower last year when he exposed its law-breaking. Here he reveals how two of the contenders to replace Theresa May cannot absolve themselves of responsibility.
Even in 2016 – before Turkey’s latest turn towards authoritarianism – the chances of the country joining the EU before 2030 were remote. Yet this did not prevent Vote Leave from claiming during the UK’s EU referendum campaign that Turkey was poised to join.
THERESA May is “hiding” from taking action on claims of electoral fraud against the Vote Leave Brexit campaign, according to a Glasgow MP. / Stewart McDonald, Glasgow South SNP MP had written to the Prime Minister seeking a judge led inquiry to investigate the allegations of fraud.
The UK’s Electoral Commission has published the results of a near nine-month-long investigation into Brexit referendum spending and has found that the official Vote Leave campaign broke the law by breaching election campaign spending limits.
Former Labour MP Gisela Stuart has said the Vote Leave campaign cannot prove its innocence in an appeal about breaking electoral law - because it has destroyed all of the data.
In 2018, Shahmir Sanni alleged to the Observer that Vote Leave had broken electoral law by purporting to donate £625,000 to a youth group, BeLeave, but instead funnelled it directly to its data and ad-targeting firm AggregateIQ.
Michael Gove and Boris Johnson also among key figures facing growing calls to account for campaign’s illegal behaviour.
Group was fined £61,000 after Electoral Commission ruled it overspent on 2016 Brexit push.
MPs warn Cummings' behaviour highlights weaknesses in parliament’s ability to force witnesses to attend hearings - and to punish those who stay away.
Vote Leave has been fined £40,000 for sending thousands of unsolicited text messages in the run-up to the EU referendum.
The official Brexit campaign has been fined £40,000 for sending thousands of unsolicited text messages during the 2016 referendum campaign.
Brexit campaign group Vote Leave has been fined £61,000 and referred to the police after an Electoral Commission probe said it broke electoral law. / The watchdog said it exceeded its £7m spending limit by funnelling £675,315 through pro-Brexit youth group BeLeave.
The Electoral Commission, charged by parliament with ensuring the 2016 EU referendum was fair, unlawfully tilted the playing field in favour of leave. That’s the striking consequence of a high court decision from this morning.
The EU referendum was won based on a corrupt campaign, but the courts can't void the result because the referendum only advisory, according to the barrister who took the government to court.
The Brexit deadline is hurtling towards us, and citizens across the UK still aren't allowed to know who bankrolls the politicians deciding the country's future.
Some of the UK's most prestigious museums could be forced to cancel exhibitions if Britain crashes out of the EU without a deal, according to a batch of secret memos.
Report warns ‘democracy is at risk’ and turns fire on the prime minister for failure to probe effect on referendum result.
Theresa May knew leave campaigners may have breached financial limits during the EU referendum campaign when she triggered article 50 initiating Brexit, her lawyers have admitted.
In May and July 2018 the Electoral Commission found that the Leave campaigns, Leave.EU and Vote Leave, used corrupt and illegal practices in the EU Referendum campaign. / Some might say they “bent the rules” or “made mistakes”. That’s irrelevant. They broke the law. And in doing so, they flouted the core principles of UK democratic process.
Newly formed pressure group makes no mention of health service.