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George Galloway has supported Brexit in two different referendum campaigns.
Ukip leader cites former KGB officer Vladimir Putin as the statesman he most admires.
'And then of course, there’s Brexit. In July 2020, the long-delayed Russia report published by the parliament’s intelligence and security committee presented a damning conclusion.'
The Conservative MP claims Brexit helped thwart Putin's Ukraine invasion. He is wrong.
After the EU referendum, suspicions grew about the role of Russia in clinching the narrow ‘win’ for Brexit.
The need to work together on Putin, China and extreme weather mean even the Leaver in No 10 now wants closer ties with Europe.
The UK government has been asked by the European Court Of Human Rights (ECHR) to respond to ‘credible allegations’ of Russian interference in the Brexit referendum.
In a resolution adopted on Thursday, MEPs demand the Russian political and military leadership be held accountable for the crime of aggression against Ukraine.
Six years post-Brexit, Britain remains haunted by the EU in a neurosis that is not reciprocated in Brussels or other capitals.
Vladimir Putin may have publicly voiced his concern about the challenges ahead for the United Kingdom and the European Union during their divorce, yet Brexit is a real opportunity for Russia. Indeed, the Russian president will exploit the situation in three ways in the short term.
French president responds to ‘jury’s out’ comments by Tory leadership favourite Liz Truss about key ally.
Former Formula One team boss Gérard Lopez, who gave £400,000 to Conservatives, has been charged after investigation. / A Tory donor who has been described as a friend of Vladimir Putin, and who donated £400,000 to the party before the Brexit referendum, is facing charges of forgery in Luxembourg.
PM wants to keep dispute going until next general election, says former Northern Ireland secretary
Ministers are portraying themselves as victims of a deal they created for Northern Ireland. A classic blame-shifting strategy.
Downing Street has briefed the media that the British government is planning legislation purporting to give the UK the power to renege on the legally-binding Northern Ireland Brexit protocol.
The development of Brexit from a fringe movement into a dominant political project coincided chronologically not only with a long period of patient and sustained campaigning and lobbying, and with a lucky sequence of favourable shifts of circumstance and forces, but also with the internal development of one key external force, the politics and ideology of the Putin regime.
Alexander Stubb says claim is ‘utter rubbish’ and dismisses ‘Global Britain’ idea.
Alexander Stubb, a former prime minister of Finland, has ridiculed the idea that Boris Johnson is one of Vladimir Putin’s fiercest opponents.
As Boris Johnson prepares to schmooze Saudi Arabia, Sam Bright reports on the UK’s growing trade relationships with despotic regimes.
Reminders of how Brexit Party MEPs voted in crackdowns on Russian propaganda have been making the rounds on social media as the war in Ukraine intensifies.
A small group of rightwing MPs are jangling Tory nerves and using questions about living costs to undermine climate action.
eter Jukes tracks Putin’s long war against democracy and the West – and the Russian President’s allies in Britain’s pro-Brexit establishment.
‘Global Britain’ can only become a reality if Johnson rebuilds his links with European partners.
The UK's diplomatic heft and economic muscle have been greatly damaged by leaving the world's largest trading bloc. It will have increasingly little sway in any future global crises.
Seduced by money, and then isolated by Brexit, the UK has foregone its chance to lead in the response to the Ukraine crisis.