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As the economy falters, Brexiteers blame Remainers and still deny leaving the EU was a bad decision. They need help.
Boris Johnson’s pro-Brexit backer Crispin Odey has made a £300m bet against British businesses and stands to make huge profits from the woes of the UK economy.
While the Prime Minister defies the law and insists Britain will leave the European Union on 31 October, his backers stand to make billions out of the disaster.
"Farage, Banks and Bannon. They are some of the well-known Bad Boys of Brexit. But there are many more. The Bad Boys of Brexit are an unholy alliance. They are global Money Men, small-state Regulation Burners and people with highly questionable Russian Connections, some of whom have undermined the very foundations of democracy."
Hedge fund manager Crispin Odey, an advocate of Brexit, renewed his hotly debated wager against the British pound as U.K. lawmakers’ failure to agree on the divorce terms heightened concerns the country may crash out of the European Union without a deal.
Brexit supporter Crispin Odey continues to profit from Brexit as he bets against the UK economy. / The Hedge fund manager supported Brexit with various financial contributions and political interventions. He donated to £873,323 ($1,111,465) to UKIP and other campaigns in favour of leaving the European Union.
A report by Bloomberg raises questions about what the arch-Brexiteer knew and when, although he denies any wrongdoing.