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Customs checks and border queues cited as leading barriers, as only 29% of firms say sales increased in Q2.
Imports from Northern Ireland to Ireland up 23%, while trade in other direction increases by 42%.
Kent farming giant reports 8% fall in harvest due to lack of seasonal pickers – saying it’s easier to import fruit.
The economic fallout from leaving the EU is becoming all too apparent.
A "perfect storm" of Brexit, covid and poor macroeconomic fiscal policies by the Conservatives has weakened Britain's economy and diminished the UK's standing in Europe, says economist Duncan Weldon.
When the most anti-EU newspapers are pointing to the policy’s inevitable failures, it’s time our government admitted the truth.
Our silence over the issue is compounding the problem.
@AdamPosen is speaking with @lizzzburden about food prices and inflation at #EconafterBrexit
Britain has delayed imposing its full post-Brexit import controls on goods from the European Union again, pushing it back until the end of next year, saying it did not want to add more fuel to fast-rising inflation.
Extra trade barriers created by Britain's exit from the European Union and subsequent trade agreement have added 6% to the cost of food, researchers from the London School of Economics and other universities estimated on Wednesday.
Brexit-related trade barriers have driven a 6% increase in U.K. food prices, adding to a squeeze on consumer spending power, according to a new report.
When the Brexit transition period ended, new barriers for UK-EU trade were introduced.
"As every single serious economist argued, massively raising barriers with your main trade partner is an extraordinary act of self-harm."
Continuing the letter to Jacob Rees-Mogg, reminding him – he seems to need reminding – of the many new opportunities created by Brexit.
Business leaders have called for urgent removal of red tape that is damaging trade between the UK and the EU.
Sales to trading bloc down more sharply than to rest of world as businesses grapple with delays, extra costs and new red tape.
Top business body calls for ‘urgent action’ to ease trading barriers.
Scotland’s rural affairs secretary hit out at the UK leaving the EU two years on from the finalisation of a deal to leave the bloc.
"And for those people blaming who are blaming the EU, it's not the EU's fault. We voted for this."
Inflation is rising, worker shortages are grinding us down and consumers are hurting, but No.10 is introducing measures which will make the situation worse
Shane Brennan, chief executive of the Cold Chain Federation, discusses new Brexit import rules with Sky's Ian King.
A former senior civil servant in charge of Brexit planning has warned some British businesses may “give up importing” as a result of new rules implemented in the new year.
Just as firms wrestle with a global supply chain crisis and fresh pandemic restrictions, companies in the U.K. and European Union face another looming headache: More post-Brexit red tape.
Covid-19 has prevented just about all music touring... They will play to packed houses, festivals and stadiums as soon as people are free to attend. But touring for all types of UK musical performers after Brexit is beset with administrative difficulties, barriers to trade and hoops to jump through. It is also exporting jobs and tax income to the continent and beyond.
The introduction of a new regulatory and customs border has made it more difficult and more expensive to trade with the EU. This impacts UK firms who import and export from and to that market.