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Opponents say remarks are ploy based on xenophobia to win Labour leave marginals.
Trump says the competition commissioner hates the US, but what she really hates is tax avoidance.
Britain should become a “Singapore on steroids” economy with low taxes, low regulation and a renewed focus on trade with America after Brexit, according to Sir Martin Sorrell.
A post-Brexit deal should make it easier to build supermarkets, avoid tax and sue the UK, US business lobbyists say.
Billionaire said Britain would be 'perfectly successful' outside of the EU, but is now opting to leave.
Section 55 of the Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Act 2018 states that: "It shall be unlawful for Her Majesty’s Government to enter into arrangements under which Northern Ireland forms part of a separate customs territory to Great Britain."
Forget meaningless numbers from politicians — get an idea how much of your tax bill contributes to EU membership!
Prime Minister Boris Johnson was urged to rein in his tax-cutting plans amid warnings that a no-deal Brexit could blow a 100 billion-pound ($123 billion) hole in the public finances and lift government debt to its highest for half a century.
Boris Johnson, Britain's newly-crowned prime minister of the U.K., was born in New York City and only recently relinquished his American passport when the Internal Revenue Service chased him for unpaid taxes.
Some of the loudest voices in the debate – many of whom want the UK to be a tax haven – have their own offshore interests.
The EU has opposed brutal animal welfare and rampant tech monopolies. Post-Brexit Britain will be exposed to both.
After Trump security adviser John Bolton’s visit it’s clear the price of US backing will be paid both in trade and foreign policy.
Wales is not too poor to be an independent nation. The ex-first minister of Wales believes so anyway, though others are less sure. So, how would Wales fare economically if it had to go it alone in a post-Brexit world?
The Trump administration has made it clear to Boris Johnson that any post-Brexit US-UK free trade deal would rely on Britain dropping plans to tax large American tech firms, according to reports.
How could you be affected if the UK does leave the EU without an agreement?
European commission looks at tax rules after report reveals tech firms pay less than half the tax of traditional companies.
Commission also says it plans to take Irish government to European court of justice over failure to collect €13bn from Apple.
Investigation into possible anti-competitive behaviour is likely to spark US anger.
Companies are leaving Britain’s shipping registry due to uncertainty over Britain’s departure from the European Union and future commercial arrangements with the bloc, industry officials say.
A previously confidential government study detailing 142 areas of life in Northern Ireland that will be impacted by Brexit has been published, revealing risks to everything from cooperation on congenital heart disease and cross-border child protection to rules preventing the looting of national treasures.
Chancellor to warn leadership candidates they can leave with no deal or spend, but not both
Philip Hammond is set to warn that a no-deal Brexit would harm the British economy, devour a £26.6bn Brexit war chest, and risk the break-up of the UK.
How will wealthy Brexiteers profit from Brexit? The surprising truth about the world's most secretive tax network for the wealthy. Plus, we hand the Brexit Party a rather unfortunate award.