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We desperately need to rejoin the single market and customs union, whatever the former PM thinks.
Boris Johnson’s government faces deep economic problems. / UK lagging behind major peers on productivity and investment. / “... From a 16% devaluation of the pound to an eye-watering slide in trade and investment, Brexit’s impact is plain to see. The data have only reinforced our view that life outside of the EU would leave the UK worse off.”
Yes, that headline is correct. The UK’s trade performance this year fell to its worst level since records began in 1955. And the cause, according to analysts and a headline article in the FT today – Brexit.
Immediately after the referendum, sterling depreciated. This brought forward the impact on household incomes of what would otherwise be a slow burn change for the UK economy.
The UK will be stuck with searing inflation for years because of Brexit, according to strategists at Wall Street’s top banks.
The economic fallout from leaving the EU is becoming all too apparent.
THOUSANDS of construction workers are needed in Scotland, according to new figures from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB).
Thanks to Brexit, sterling is becoming a risky bet for some investors.
A year after Britain left the European Union, you could be forgiven for thinking the current economic gloom has nothing to do with Brexit, and everything to do with Covid.
The pound has settled above its recent lows vs. both the USD and the EUR, but it remains in a clearly weakened positioned. EUR/GBP is still seen at 0.85 by year-end while UK politics concerning the issues of Brexit and sleaze may impact the performance of the pound, economists at Rabobank report.
Higher yields are helping the U.S. currency; not so for sterling, which is coming adrift from the developed world entirely.
It’s five years since Britain voted to leave the EU – so what number should really have been on the side of the Vote Leave bus? Ben Chu examines the real impact of Brexit on the UK’s economy.
Brexit has delivered a £11.5 billion blow to the UK’s trade in goods since the 2016 referendum, a leading think tank said today.
Pound Sterling exchange rates at a crossroads: JP Morgan and BNY Mellon warn fading UK vaccine advantage, UK break-up risks also in focus.
BRITTANY Ferries has reported some of the worst passenger numbers in its history, after being battered by the 'double strike' of Brexit and Covid.
The FTSE 100 fell by 1% to 6,526 after Boris Johnson said a no deal scenario was ‘very, very likely’
The pound rebounded from a one-week low after the U.K. signaled it will continue Brexit trade talks beyond Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Oct. 15 deadline.
The pound slid today after EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, warned that a trade deal between the EU and UK was slipping away.
The pound is already under pressure from fears that Britain will fail to clinch a trade deal with the European Union by the end-2020 deadline.
‘We believe sterling is in the process of evolving into a currency that resembles the underlying reality of the British economy: small and shrinking,’ say Bank of America currency analysts