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Increased costs and administrative hurdles are stifling the movement of horses and livestock in what were once thriving industries.
Pig farmers are in a “desperate” position – with culls of thousands of healthy animals and producers quitting the industry, they warned as a summit was held on the crisis.
Pig farmers are in a “desperate” position – with culls of thousands of healthy animals and producers quitting the industry, they warned as a summit was held on the crisis.
The National Pig Association is calling for urgent action ahead of an emergency summit with the Government.
Farmers have held a protest outside government offices in York over claims the pig industry is at risk of collapse.
A furious Neil Parish laid into Kevin Foster, the immigration minister, for ignoring a recommendation to make it easier to bring in EU butchers and other workers – leading to a huge shortage.
Minister under fire for rejecting moves to bring in EU farm workers – as vegetable planting plunges 25%.
Retailers and farmers explain what shoppers should expect as Brexit and supply chain problems bite.
British cattle farmers are sending supplies to Ireland to be carved into cuts, according to the chief executive of the British Meat Processors Association (BMPA), before being brought back to the UK for consumption.
Great Britain’s beef producers export to Ireland before reimporting, while pork processors consider the Netherlands.
Britain's turkey farmers will do their best to ensure Christmas "is as normal as it can be" but shortages are likely, an industry representative has warned.
Pig farmers are facing a "human disaster" due to a shortage of abattoir workers, the National Farmer's Union has said.
Vets working to tackle pigs’ overcrowding in farms have said Prime Minister Boris Johnson is not taking the abattoir labour shortage seriously, and soon ‘mass culling’ would be the only option left to farmers.
"These are animals that they have reared, fed, looked after, cared for. To actually then kill something that's perfectly healthy to then go in the bin - it's just criminal," the head of the National Pig Association told Sky News.
Farming groups have been left 'shocked and dismayed' after Boris Johnson played down the prospect of a mass cull of pigs due to a shortage of plant staff.
Government ‘are standing by and watching this happen’, a leading supplier said.
First it was a lack of truck drivers that crippled gas stations. Now Britain is facing a shortage of food processing workers that’s become so severe farmers have started culling 120,000 pigs.
The British meat industry is warning that hundreds of thousands of pigs may have to be culled within weeks unless the government issues more visas to allow slaughterers into the country.
Pig farmers in Northumberland will be among those forced to “slaughter their own animals” to dispose of them if the situation facing the industry does not change, the chairman of the National Pig Association has warned.
‘There’s nowhere for the pigs to go and it could trigger the worst case scenario, where they are put down on the farm and taken away.’
Leading figures in the livestock industry say that the animals face being killed and burned because Priti Patel has failed to include the butchers on a list of shortage occupations.
The National Pig Association has said that healthy animals are being destroyed following the exodus of EU workers as there are not enough people employed in slaughterhouses.
‘Desperate’ farmers face mass destruction of animals, industry body warns.
Thousands of healthy pigs may be culled if the government does not step in and tackle labour shortages at Britain’s slaughterhouses and processing plants, meat producers have warned. / It could result in perfectly good meat going to waste, says National Pig Association.
A "potentially disastrous" backlog of thousands of pigs is building up on East Anglian farms due to labour shortages at meat processing factories, said industry leaders.