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Farmers in North Yorkshire have applied to convert four sheds into business units to make up for a loss of income due to the end of European Union subsidies.
Rishi Sunak was told that “increased taxes, soaring costs, the impact of Brexit, difficulty finding staff, all combined with the fact that it was your government that crashed the economy” led to four businesses closing.
Northern Ireland has been hardest hit, with exports to the EU falling by a third between 2018 and 2021, analysis of official figures shows.
British rice milling industry faces wipe-out from part of a trade deal being discussed with India. First proposed by Boris Johnson, it is also predicted to raise consumer food prices and break UK limits on pesticides.
Nick Tozer has been running his bookshop for over 20 years and has around 26,000 books on sale. / He is slowly building up the mail order side of the business but says Brexit has made it harder to send books to some countries.
Organised crime gangs are preparing to exploit the eight freeports that are being opened across England as part of the Government’s ‘levelling up’ strategy, experts have warned.
Doncaster Council has approved funding from a flagship government levelling up scheme, but Mayor Ros Jones says the amount is “tiny” compared to previous EU resources.
Research also reveals EU remains ‘overwhelmingly dominant’ destination for UK manufacturing exports.
UK farming is facing an uncertain future, with the end of EU subsidies due to Brexit, followed by the impact of covid and lockdown.
Ben Houchen says the area will get more cash but Northern Powerhouse Partnership director Henri Murison says the mayor is 'double-counting' unspent EU cash
MULTI-MILLION cuts to regional funding intended to level up the country will have “catastrophic consequences” on the local economy, it has been warned.
Rishi Sunak's Spring Statement has failed to offer Yorkshire the same guarantee previously provided to Cornwall on the Government's flagship post-Brexit regional funding programme.
Pig farmers are in a “desperate” position – with culls of thousands of healthy animals and producers quitting the industry, they warned as a summit was held on the crisis.
Farmers have held a protest outside government offices in York over claims the pig industry is at risk of collapse.
Thousands of pig farmers say they are in ‘a living hell’ as a perfect storm of supply chain delays caused by COVID and a shortage of butchers has pushing their industry to the edge.
“We’ve also lost all the EU dentists with Brexit, and that’s made a big difference,” said Ms Naylor.
Sheffield companies are facing a ‘perfect storm of costs’ as they battle to keep the shelves stocked at Christmas.
A Sheffield supplements firm has spent £500,000 on a new base in the Netherlands to ensure it remains profitable ‘despite the challenges of Brexit’.
Grants given through the government’s Shared Prosperity Fund were supposed to match EU cash previously handed out to UK regions for development. In reality, the north is £1.65 billion down.
South Yorkshire to lose £900m and Tees Valley and Durham £750m, Michael Gove told – despite pledge to ‘match’ EU funds
A new report exposes in detail the impact that Brexit is having on businesses - with the effects getting worse over time, not better.
One Yorkshire farmer culled hundreds of piglets because of a processing backlog at local slaughterhouses.
With celebrations such as Bonfire Night, Diwali, New Year’s Eve, and Chinese New Year fast approaching, people are looking forward to celebrating the end of 2021 and a return to normal.
Kirklees council say the cost of the project has risen by £3m.