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Venues, florists, caterers and cake makers said clients are having to manage their expectations.
Shadow international trade minister Gareth Thomas asked Defra what assessment it has made of the reasons for the UK florist industry's decline in trade with the EU.
"It's not us putting the prices up, it's Brexit." / Rosa shared some staggering statistics. Between the referendum result in 2016 and May 2018, 1900 florists shut up shop. Between May to October 2018 more floristry businesses closed.
Labour shortages caused by Brexit and accentuated by the COVID pandemic have badly affected businesses across the food and farming sector and could cause ‘permanent’ damage, UK lawmakers stated in a report published on Wednesday (6 April).
Prices for a dozen red roses range from €30 to €100 with florists saying they face losses.
UK immigration curbs on pickers has benefited Irish growers in a seasonal industry.
A UK business spoke about having no choice but to raise the prices of its goods as trade between the UK and the EU becomes increasingly difficult, ITV News Reporter Martha Fairlie reports on New Year's Day 2022.
Flower growers fear end of the UK’s £100m industry as Covid and border restrictions lead to lack of seasonal workers.
Extra charges for flowers after Britain's EU exit still harming him.
Britain's turkey farmers will do their best to ensure Christmas "is as normal as it can be" but shortages are likely, an industry representative has warned.
Many Brits will be forced to go without a Christmas turkey this year because of Brexit labour shortages, MPs were told this afternoon.
'Flower passports' ruin trade as supermarkets corner the market.
Supermarket prices will rise more than is necessary unless there is greater collaboration with European suppliers on post-Brexit trade frictions, a Dutch business has warned.
Today marks 100 days since Brexit properly happened in the UK - with seamless trade and EU rules replaced by a weighty trade deal.
Firms across four different sectors share their stories of rising costs, extra paperwork and packages that never arrive.
Red tape and a labour shortage leave retailers and millions of lockdown gardeners with scant pickings.
A major daffodil grower in the fens say they only have a fifth of their usual number of pickers this year because of Brexit.
A Lincolnshire farming business has blamed Brexit for a lack of flower pickers.
Brexit has contributed to a shortage of flower pickers in the UK, a bulb grower has said.
Cornwall’s Varfell Farms doesn’t have enough pickers as Cornish workers don’t last.
The price of importing flowers into the UK is estimated to cost an additional £100 million due to new customs rules and tariffs brought on by Brexit.
Flower and bulb growers say uncertainty around any Brexit deal is their "biggest issue" at the moment.
Infrastructure work has taken nearly a year in the past, but just six months will be available - even if the cash is there
Sir, — Michael Cavaghan-Pack’s contention (Letters, 6 September) that tariffs are placed by the European Union on developing countries needs to be addressed.