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Critical industry leaders have accused Home Secretary Suella Braverman of being disconnected from the realities facing short staffed sectors after she claimed that there is "no good reason" why more British people can't be trained to take up jobs as butchers and fruit pickers.
Could take ‘decades’ to shift away from reliance on overseas staff, say food sector leaders attending Downing Street summit.
Fears of new disruption to fresh produce supply from EU when import controls hit in October.
The 730 redundancies at a chicken processing plant could be the “first of many” such blows to the Welsh economy the Leader of Anglesey County Council has warned.
Fruit and veg supply could be ‘in trouble’, says NFU – citing added costs of Brexit and Ukraine war.
“The Netherlands is a great place to set up a business. They are ready to help and they sit next to so many key markets," one business owner said.
UK hauliers of perishable goods are wanting to be prioritised at the port crossing into Europe, complaining that long wait times are causing products to go bad.
Food body warns of ‘post-Brexit perception problem’ over recurring traffic gridlock.
Extra import controls will be ‘impossible’ for small businesses, says food industry chief.
For the past two years now, British poultry businesses that trade with the EU have faced a double standard.
Sharp fall in qualified professionals needed to sign off health certificates for products going to EU.
New post-Brexit border paperwork coming into force in July is expected to cost UK food companies millions of pounds, according to a trade body.
British Meat Processors Association takes aim at costs tied to Export Health Certificates.
Business chiefs and economists say huge disruption lies ahead if Downing Street triggers Article 16.
Staff shortages see carcasses exported for processing and then reimported.
British cattle farmers are sending supplies to Ireland to be carved into cuts, according to the chief executive of the British Meat Processors Association (BMPA), before being brought back to the UK for consumption.
Great Britain’s beef producers export to Ireland before reimporting, while pork processors consider the Netherlands.
Stephen Delahunty explores how Britain’s departure from the EU is increasing the demand for vets, while their numbers fall
The latest opinion piece from the British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) notes postponing import checks from the EU leaves UK meat exporters at a significant disadvantage.
One Yorkshire farmer culled hundreds of piglets because of a processing backlog at local slaughterhouses.
Shortages are the only thing we don't seem to be running out of in the UK right now.
One port operator has had to demolish building work for new checks, while other crucial customs sites do not even have planning permission yet.
‘There’s nowhere for the pigs to go and it could trigger the worst case scenario, where they are put down on the farm and taken away.’
Thousands of healthy pigs may be culled if the government does not step in and tackle labour shortages at Britain’s slaughterhouses and processing plants, meat producers have warned. / It could result in perfectly good meat going to waste, says National Pig Association.
The acute labor shortage because of self isolation is masking the systemic challenge for businesses struggling to recruit after Brexit.