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Ireland’s Future : Views of some of those who will participate in the event on Saturday.
The impact of the UK’s departure from the EU and the continuing tensions over the Northern Ireland protocol have reinforced the concept of a united Ireland for many.
THE SON of the late Rev Ian Paisley has said talk of a united Ireland is not as easily dismissed as it once was and that Brexit bears much of the responsibility for transforming attitudes.
Cold Feet star Jimmy Nesbitt will deliver the keynote address at the Ireland’s Future event in Dublin.
'After Brexit, we found ourselves in a position where we could not talk as easily to European clients, and now we can'. / Numis, the traditionally City-focused investment bank, is gearing up to compete with larger rivals in continental Europe after opening its post-Brexit office in Dublin.
An expansion of Rosslare Europort to cost €200m, which will Brexit-proof the ferryport facility, has been given the green light.
FORMER justice minster Clare Sugden has said she believes the British government's approach to Brexit "screwed us".
THE COUNTRY’s pre-eminent historian has mocked the Lead Non-Executive Director of the UK Government in Scotland for comparing Brexit to the Easter Rising.
More than half of Irish businesses said they experienced increased regulatory burdens because of Brexit in 2020 -- exceeding the 40% that endured global supply disruptions due to Covid-19.
Regulatory burdens have seen over half of businesses hit by Brexit (54%) across the country, new figures show.
THE BRITISH government is thwarting the north's potential to exploit trading difficulties in the Republic created by Brexit, according to Alliance's deputy leader. / Mr Farry said the official statistics illustrated that the "nonsense of Brexit brings wide-ranging consequences", including for large aspects of the supply chain into the Republic.
CSO Global Value Chain participation survey details number of firms sourcing inputs from abroad.
Centre in Baldonnell will serve customers across the island of Ireland.
Applications from EU students who want to study in Irish universities have more than trebled since the 2016 Brexit referendum.
The issue as it stands prevents students from Ireland, who are studying in UK universities, from applying for medical internships within the Irish health service.
Amid acute political uncertainty and the upheaval of Brexit, the movement of goods on the island of Ireland has been transforming and seeing a significant boost.
The recent closure of the Charles Peguy centre is sad but hardly surprising.
Boris Johnson probably wouldn’t have won many votes if he had campaigned on a slogan of ‘Brexit will make Ireland richer’, but that is precisely what his “oven ready” deal has done by making Britain less attractive to investment and less competitive in trade.
Currently, seed potato exports from Scotland to the EU are not permitted due to the 2020 Brexit agreement failing to agree safety regulations for the product.
The Government has "systematically destroyed" trust across Ireland, according to SDLP Claire Hanna who has criticised Boris Johnson at his last Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs).
Caoilfhionn Gallagher, an international human rights lawyer in London, has warned of what she fears is rising anti-Irish sentiment in Britain after being subjected to death threats and a personal assault in her chambers.
Imports from Northern Ireland to Ireland up 23%, while trade in other direction increases by 42%.
A 20 million euro scheme to support the Irish aquaculture sector affected by Brexit has been approved by the European Commission under EU State aid rules.
A cross border group of zoos and aquariums in Ireland and the UK have called on politicians to sort out animal transfer issues caused by Brexit.
Zoos and aquariums from across the island of Ireland have written to the British and Irish prime ministers to call for an agreement on the transfer of animals post-Brexit.