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‘President Biden has said all the right things from our point of view in the past couple of years,’ the Irish premier said.
Three years after Brexit, we asked designers, design entrepreneurs and representatives of British design organisations how the withdrawal from the European Union has affected the design industry.
Sheep farming has been the sector hardest hit by the consequences of Brexit, according to the Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association (ICSA).
The leader of Northern Ireland’s nationalist Social Democratic and Labour Party on Brexit, power-sharing and updating the Good Friday Agreement.
With Catholics now outnumbering Protestants in Northern Ireland, advocates for unification are starting to believe their dream could become a reality. But is it inevitable – and would a referendum reignite old enmities?
O'Meara's Garden Centre in Co Westmeath says the UK was their biggest source of plants after Ireland up to three or four years ago but they think within two years there will be no plants or seeds coming over the Irish Sea.
Former prime minister Sir John Major has told the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee Britain made a “colossal mistake” when it left the European Union. / Sir John said while he is not a “significant Europhile”, he believes the UK was stronger in the EU.
Roberta Metsola told the Irish parliament that the EU can learn lessons from how Ireland has dealt with the challenges of Brexit.
Three years on since the UK left the European Union (EU), a Midlands business owner has described the move as a "complete disaster". / Nic Laurens, who runs an abrasives supply firm in Shropshire, moved 90% of his company to the Republic of Ireland in order to remain in the EU.
It has now been three years since the UK exited Europe, but Michel Barnier, the man who helped broker the divorce for Europe, and the author of a new book ‘My Secret Brexit Diary’ – says there are still lessons to be learned from the whole experience.
Three years after the UK officially left the EU, what can be learned by looking back at the Brexit negotiation process, and how has it impacted on the relationship between the EU and the UK?
A hard border in Ireland must be avoided, the Irish premier has urged Rishi Sunak.
Boris Johnson agreed in the final hours of the Northern Ireland Protocol negotiations that there would be customs declarations on goods exiting Northern Ireland to Britain, despite the fact that just three weeks later he told businesses in the North there would be "no forms, no checks, no barriers of any kind…," according to a detailed new account of the protocol negotiations.
In particular, used cars in the lower end of the market are becoming less affordable despite being lower in safety standards and higher in emissions.
The shortage of medicines is set to only get worse in Ireland because stockpiles created to lessen the impact of Brexit are running out, the chair of Medicines for Ireland has warned.
Businesses have cited Brexit after the UK recorded its worst month in over two and a half years.
The number of people arriving at a UK port from France has more than halved after Brexit, a ferry firm has said.
Supplies of half of all veterinary drugs at risk due to restrictions on importing medicines from Britain.
Marine projects in Co Cork will benefit from a rise in funding of €6,032,337, with the single greatest overall investment being €1,779,138 going toward dredging work in Ballycotton Harbour.
German foreign minister Annalena Baerbock says talks need to avoid opening ‘old wounds’.
Revenue chairman Niall Cody tells PAC the number of second-hand car registrations may only reach 40,000 this year.
The Port of Dunkirk, close to the BeNeLux region, is eyeing even stronger links with Dublin Port and Rosslare Europort while also examining new routes to Ireland's southern ports.
The Department of Foreign Affairs said it was snowed under with a backlog of more than 30,000 complex foreign birth registrations, many from British citizens looking for Irish passports after Brexit.
THE PORT OF Dunkirk is looking to mount a significant expansion of trade routes with its Irish counterparts, as the French company sees Ireland as an “underestimated” market even post-Brexit.